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I love this site, great job Anne and Co, just thought I would stop by and say Hi, and thank-you Anne, for your wonderful e-mails to all of my questions, they helped a lot.

Take care,
22 November 2008 - Sydney Australia

Webmaster comments  
You're welcome - please pay it forward by getting all of Australia to watch ;-)

gosh. i just discovered blood ties because i wasnt able to sleep and somehow I did watch rtl2 (sth i usually avoid) within the first episode i watched i became addicted to henry. and so i bought the first season to watch it a billion times.everybody talks about twilight these days. but actually i dont care.
henry is like a much more alive heath ledger.
the mean thing about being in germany is that i cant watch season2 it is blocked for german ips. :(
this is the first time since being a teenager that i start giggling just looking at a person i dont know.
;) with my very best wishes!!
19 November 2008 - BERLIN

Webmaster comments  
Don't worry - if you have the DVD, you have all the 22 episodes that were filmed. The 22 episodes were split in 2 season in the US - everywhere else, it was one season.
Remember to tell all your friends to watch Blood Ties ...

hey ho.

kyle you have stolen my heart.
16 November 2008 - australia

Webmaster comments  
Kyle has quite a collection by now ;-)

i can't decide who is the hottest henry, nik or well.kyle (of course) lol!!
16 November 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
It's a tough job - can't they just have alternate days?

I just saw Joy Ride 2. I thought kyle was awesome in it. He completely owned that character! He looked delicious as a punk guy. Excuse me"3rd emo wave" lol. The man even looks sexy in a dress haha.

I just hope he never wears his hair again, like he did in smallville. I don't know what the hair stylist was thinking. it was horrible! He still sold his character though.
15 November 2008 - NY

Webmaster comments  
Even actors don't always have perfect hair ;-)
And it helped set Sebastian apart from Kyle's other roles ...

True true but sadly i found that my career isn't in acting.he just seems so kind. He's so amazing.i wish that i could even talk to him. is it true that you know him? if so your so lucky >w< lol

he's so talented and i'd love to send mail or e-mail if only i knew he'd get it. and possibly reply.tho i know he's busy hehehehe
13 November 2008 - St. Albert Alberta

Webmaster comments  
Yes I know Kyle - a little ;-)
Both the contact page and the FAQ explain where to send letters to Kyle.

Kyle menos mal que nunca vas a venir por acá, porque si te veo te mato a besos, estas más bueno que el chocolate con almendras!
13 November 2008 - Argentina

Webmaster comments  
Three of my most favorite things:
Kyle, Chocolate and Almonds!

Very good page!
11 November 2008 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
Thank you :-)

Hello and Good Night!

I would like to say:

Thank you for the sexiest vampire in the world!

Kyle is very charming and hot!

Gretings from Munich,

9 November 2008 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
Truly, all other movie and TV vampires fade after having seen Kyle as Henry.

did what you said ordered joyride 2 off amazon, it came this afternoon, we have 3 dvd players but it only works on 1.

from eleanor
6 November 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
Sorry - I'm so used to my DVD player being able to play DVDs from all over the world that I didn't think to mention that your player should be region-free to play a US DVD.
I'm glad it plays on one at least.

Yea i saw Kyle on smallville . my cos and i made a bet he was gonna be some sort of villan lmao. lol the hair was really weird. guess they had to put something that you didn't like cause they knew he was gonna die in the end lMAO!
5 November 2008 - Trinidad

Webmaster comments  
But since he was in a hospital, they might manage to revive him ....
I hope they do!

sasha smith
hi webmaster

is kyle back on blood ties yet?

love from sasha p.s. how is kyle baby 2day anyway i miss him so much kyle,s the only one i dream about lately what do you think that means if i dream about him xxxx
5 November 2008 - folkestone

Webmaster comments  
It's 99.9999 % sure that there will be no more Blood Ties episodes, so no, Kyle is not back, nor will he be.

Dreaming of Kyle - I think it just means you think too much about him when you're awake - sorry, I don't interpret dreams ;-)

just seen a pic of kyle in joyride 2 as nik. WOW WHAT A TRANSFORMATION COMPARED TO HENRY!!!
4 November 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
That's the interesting thing - watching an actor transform his looks as he takes on different roles.

And Smallwille was yet another look ;-)

Hey ho,.greetings from germany.
blood ties has just started on TV and i'm totally adicted to it. I love this story between Viki and Henry so much. Kyle was such a good Henry and played the roll so damned good,.i loved it so much.

I wish all the best to Kyle and hope that he will make so much more damned good movies.
keep on going.

love from Kiddy
1 November 2008 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
That's what I like to hear - Germans getting addicted to Blood Ties :-)
Preferable LOTS of Germans.

OMG I totally hated kyles hair on smallvile but I was so happy to see him. I screamed when he came on screen lol. I hope they ask him to be in more eps!!!
31 October 2008 - NY

Webmaster comments  
I hope so too - there's dead, and then there's quite dead.
Besides, anything can happen in SciFi.
See the news page on how to let the CW know you want Kyle back.

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