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Amy goheen
Dear Mr. Schmid,
I Hope You Have A Happy New Year.
1 January 2008 - Canada

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You too.

Jennie Andres
Hi Kyle,
Hope you, your family and cali have a Happy New Year. Please stay safe, healthy, and have fun. Because I am hoping for more Blood Ties to come. Just keep that sweet smile on your face always, and remember that your are a very sweet and wonderful actor. Don't let anyone tell you different. I love Ya and you will always be #1 on my list.
31 December 2007 - California

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More Blood Ties - YESSS!

Hi Kyle. Glad to hear you like Guiness because I'm from Ireland and anytime you want a Guiness, you just come to me and I will have it ready and waiting for you.
31 December 2007 - Northern Ireland

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What if he wants it in two minutes? ;-)

Kyle's pup is so cute all most cutier than my year-old boxer,all most.
31 December 2007 - GA

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You gotta love your own puppy best!

Hi Kyle.
Here are my hopes for 2008.
For us(the fans).More episodes of Blood Ties,so that we can continue to see your beautiful smile and amazing acting abilities on a weekly basis!
For you, Overwhelming success!So that if we can't continue to see you in Blood Ties, we can continue to see you in dozens of movies!
I wish you and your family,including Cali, health,happiness!
For you, I wish you love.a love so good and true.that it keeps that beautiful smile on your face every single day! I wish you the kind of love that Henry feels for Vicky,only returned!
Yeah, Yeah,I'm a hopeless romantic!

Bonne année! Beaucoup d'amour, Claire
31 December 2007 - Virginia USA

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What she said ;-)

Dear Kyle,

I wish you a New Year filled with much happiness, good health and great opportunities.


P.S. Loved the Christmas hat:-)
31 December 2007 - Michigan

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Definitely the opportunity for more Blood Ties episodes ;-)

Hoping Kyle & Cali will bless us with a happy new years sign. I miss Blood Ties so much. i'll take all i can get. geez i miss those double
30 December 2007 - moreno valley ca.

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I think they are still recovering from
making the Christmas sign ;-)

jessica abrante
you are a very good actor and have influenced me to become an actor, you are an amazing guy and has alot of glow when you walk into a room, so warm and outgoing. hey maybe when i go to canada we might bump into each other. it can happen, keep doing what your doing, i love your dog she is sooo cute,your lucky to have a dog like that, my dog past away when i was 7 and he was beautiful just like you dog, i love ya and you are my number 1# actor on my list!
30 December 2007 - new london

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Jessica - hope to see you on TV one day!

i just wanted to say hi
30 December 2007 - tokyo, japan

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So are they airing Blood Ties in Japan?

Hey Kyle and Everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas. I hope you all have a great and safe new years.

Kyle- Stay safe and drink a guinness for me!!
28 December 2007 - ga

Webmaster comments  
And great fireworks for everyone!

I haven't been here for a few days, trying to catch up after Christmas. I love the new pics - and am eagerly waiting for the DVD's for Blood Ties to be released here in in the UK, I've had them on order now for a couple of months. :)

I hope everyone had a good Christmas - Kyle's looking as good as ever but Cali is adorable. :)
28 December 2007 - England

Webmaster comments  
Not long now for the DVDs!
And it's not even a case of the clothes make the dog ;-)

Hiya Kyle

you have so many interesting acting faces. i have watched cheetah girls loads of times and never saw you in it. and you was male lead. so that goes to show how good of an actor you are. every role your a whole new and different person. but as for me i want you to stay henry for many many years to come. i hope the get their heads out of their butts and get your show back on in a hurry. Hugs to you and family during these days off. because i pray you will be back working hard for us very soon
27 December 2007 - california

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Yes Kyle - better rest up while you can, because we hope you will be busy soon ;-)

Hey Anne! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.and thanks for taking the time out to update with the great pictures of Kyle and Cali in their funny hats!!!! It made my day!!! and thanks for the late, early birthday shout out !! Although you've wished me many happy returns before at Ms.Gypsys!
Love Ya and see you there!
27 December 2007 - Virginia USA

Webmaster comments  
Can't complain thanks.
I figure better once too many than one too few.

Thank you Kyle" for the picture at christmas time. I printed two of them. I am glad to see that you look very happy, and know that we care so much about you and the return of Blood Ties. Hope you had a wonderful christmas and got everything you wanted and then some. My sister in Missouri is a BT fan now too, and she is helping to keep up the fight for a new season. Look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you on BT. Have an awesome christmas and a fab new year. PS: here's to you having a wonderful year in all of your working endeavours, family, and health. We love you!!!!
26 December 2007 - CedarRapids IA

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Kyle definitely got ".. and then some..", only virtually.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family!
I am keeping my fingers crossed that Blood Ties continues, this is a great show and very addicting. I have always liked watching the supernatural shows, and this comes in as #1. Look forward to your next project, but also hoping it's more Blood Ties.
26 December 2007 - Trinidad, Colorado

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Yes - we need more episodes and to see some broken hearts being mended!

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