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yes kyle is a good actor with lots of sexiness i think :)
how he plays with his charme and his mimik in blood ties is great.
hope he would never cut his hair.i guess im one of the millions who wants to meet him.well, i guess its like you want to meet a vampire ;p
greets from little germany
1 January 2009 - germany

Webmaster comments  
If a role demands short hair, it will be cut - but hair grows all the time ;-)


Hello Again from Germany ;-)

I wish evryone here, Kyle and alllllll ;-) Blodd Ties Fans


With the best greetings and a biiiiiigggggg Kiss

Your Tina
31 December 2008 - Germany

An early Happy New Year to yourself, and extending to Kyle. All the best, may the new year bring great things your way! Do enjoy!
30 December 2008 - Trinidad

Hello \(^v^)/

you really created a fantastic fansite here. *thumbsup*
Stumbled accross it as I googled "Blood Ties". A friend gave the DVDs of the series to me at Christmas. And now I'm addicted to it. It's sad that they won't continue it.
But Kyle is great actor. Hope to see him in many movies and TV series.^^

I wish everybody a happy new year!!!

30 December 2008 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
Thank you.
It's sad they are not continuing it - but at least we got 22 episodes - not all great shows get even that much.

Happy New Year to you too.


Thanks a lot Anne, I must take my time and read things carefully.Yesterday I found the name of that pretty baby dog .I am going to show Toby and Luna the pictures cause they are very interested in finding new friends all over the world. Specially Toby who is very fond of bittig photos, Luna is a lady and just licks her favourite ones. I will try to send Cali a picture of them and who knows.maybe Cali is interested in sharing with them a delicious spanish food, they adore spanish omelet and paella ;-). So Cali you are oficially invited to visit Spain.
30 December 2008 - Spain

Webmaster comments  
Not so much a baby dog any more - that was last year.
Omelet and paella sounds WOOFY!

My English is also not the best. I'm from Austria. Does anybody know this little country? = )
This page is great! Congratulations. Awesome work!
I think Blood Ties must go on! I love it!
but the end of the last episode was soooo sad. That cannot be an end of a series. I love Happy Ends. ; )
Hey and Kyle Schmid, he's an excellent actor. And he looks so great!

Kisses from Tyrol, Austria
29 December 2008 - Austria

Webmaster comments  
Oh - I think I have heard about Austria a time or two ;-)
Thanks, I'm happy you like the site - but unfortunately the chance of Blood Ties continuing is EXTREMELY small.
I don't know if they had planned to end the series different from the books, but that's the only other ending I know of.


Hi Anne and you all! I hope you are having a very nice Xmas time.
I would like to know Kyles dog name. I am so proud of my two little babies that I seem to be a "mother" ( I am always showing their pictures and talking with my friends about their funny adevntures with sheep and chikens) I think that a person who loves animals cant be a bad person and only one who has a dog can understand the abolute love they give you so.Well done Kyle and I hope he uses his popularity to help abandoned animals, a big problem specially during holidays time.

Big kiss and a very happy New Year
29 December 2008 - Spain

Webmaster comments  
Hi Teresa,

Kyle's dog is named Cali - short for California where he got her.

Happy New Year to you too.



If I'm not wrong, I think this is the first message here from Japan sent in the name of my cute Japanese students who cannot write English well enough and asked me to join the club. The SF channel has just started showing Blood Ties and since horror and supernatual are very popular in Japanese anime and comics, the studens would love to send something from Japan to Kyle who is becoming the new rising star here. The biggest anime convention is taking place just now in the end of the year, and we would like to send something to Kyle from there, would it reach him if they send it throught the agent address that is mentioned on this web?
Thank you
29 December 2008 - Tokyo, Japan

Webmaster comments  
Yes, I believe this is the first message from Japanese fans. How great that Blood Ties is now airing in Japan!!!

Yes, it would definitely reach Kyle.
If you check the 'From Kyle' page, you will see that he just got a lot of wonderful stuff from fans.

If your students are interested in showing what they send, please feel free to send me a photo - the webmaster email is on the contact page too.


Hi everyone.I'm from Chile, (do you know it?) so I hope you can understand my english.
Well, here we've seen the last episodes of Blood Ties, oh my Good!!!.why do they cancel it?, I'm so sad and I know that I'm not the only one.what else can I say, Kyle is an AMOR, a beautiful person and a great actor, I really hope to see him soon.
PS: Can you tell him that in Chile we love him?.specially me.

Love and happy new year everyone!!!

28 December 2008 - CHILE

Webmaster comments  
I know of Chile - a very long country ;-)
And your English is completely understandable.

Yes, a bad way to end it - but really - they were sure they were coming back and planned to make us all feel happy again in the next season.

Happy New Year to you too!


I've seen u in other shows or movies, and I must admit that u are easy on the eyes but also have the makes of a great actor. Since 'Buffy' and 'Angel' closed, there haven't been any interesting vamp shows or movies(I can't get into 'Moonlight'). I was lucky to come across a promo for the show on Lifetime since I rarely watch that channel, but it did catch my attention. After watching the first 2 episodes I was sold on the books which I read all in 2 weeks. U really did bring 'Henry' to life for me.
Thank you
I hope u do well and can't wait to see u on the screen
26 December 2008 - Chicago, IL

Webmaster comments  
I believe Tanya Huff might have sold "a few" more copies of her novels since the series ;-)
I agree, whenever I read the books, it's Kyle's Henry I see in my mind, not how he is actually described.
I*ve heard that Tanya does too ;-)

Huhu, from Germany again. ;-)
I Think my message dont come into your messagebox. Please send Kyle my best wishes for christmas and a happy new Year. Here in Germany come Blood Ties on Sunday 22.10 oclock in the evening and I really enjoy it.
The best wishes from me to you, Kyle and all Blood Ties Fans. Love Martina
24 December 2008 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
Not the best time to watch if you have to work Monday - but I'm glad you enjoy it.
Happy holidays to you too.

j'etais entrain de regarder ton profile et j'ai soudainement vu que tu es Canadien. je voudrais savoir s'il n'en aura plus de Blood Ties car tu es mon acteur preferre. Alors j'attend ta reponse avec vigueur
17 December 2008 - New York, USA

Webmaster comments  
The possibility of more Blood Ties episodes is microscopical, sorry.

sasha smith
i think kyle is very delicoute and charming i wish him a very merry xmas and to you 2 tell kyle i said hi and tell him to give his dog a kiss and a hug 4 me


17 December 2008 - KENT

Webmaster comments  
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, but sorry Sasha, Kyle does NOT email fans.

From Spain.Sorry for my poor English.
We discovered Blood Ties a few weeks ago. At first we thought: just another vampire we absolutely adore it!!!!!
We enjoy every minute and wait anxiously for the next week to watch another episode.
Of course my favourite is Kyle, so charming, so elegant, so nice.
Im glad to know he likes dogs cause I adore them (Ive got two: Luna and Toby).

Best wishes and for all of you a very very Merry Xmas!!!!
16 December 2008 - Spain

Webmaster comments  
Your English seems very rich to me ;-)

Oh - yes! Kyle as Henry Fitzroy is definitely one of the very best vampires!

Happy holidays to you too.

Wow well I have only just discovered Blood Ties while searching for something decent to watch on TV the other night and was searching through TV on Demand and found all 22 first season episodes and after the first one I was hooked;)
Now I am addicted!!! I want more:)

I didn't know who Kyle Schmid was untill a week ago but i'm glad I have I wish him all the best in his career and i'm sure we going to be seeing alot more of him in the future.

Merry Christmas Kyle and all his fans xoxoxox
16 December 2008 - Derby England

Webmaster comments  
We all want more!
Unfortunately the chance of that is infinitesimal :-(
At least you're lucky that you can buy it on DVD in the UK - the US fans are still waiting for the DVD.
But if it has some nice extras on it, it will have been worth the wait :-)

Merry Christmas to you too.


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