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Hello. I think, in Kiev there was not similar convention yet or I heard nothing about it, unfortunately. With pleasure will arrive to Bonn, if work will allow :-)
The best wishes to Kyle.
And thank you for everything, that you do.
9 February 2010 - Ukraine

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Hope to see you there.


sasha smith
hihi im bk again kyle added me on facebook love u kyle can u tell him i said fnx and that i met katie price yesterday shes awsome
9 February 2010 - folkestone england

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Hi Sasha,
Long time no see.
Tell Kyle yourself on Facebook ;-)


Hello, Kyle.
Agree with all admirers of serial "Blood ties" (please,please make 3 season!). Your vampir - most impressive from all, that I saw on the screen :-)
I wish you success, good scenarios and true friends. And certainly - magic love :-)
It can be you will visit Kiev some time?
With love.
8 February 2010 - Ukraine

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Do you have conventions in Kiev?
If you do, you should ask them to invite Kyle. Or you could go to Bonn?


Hello, Kyle. Excuse for my English - is not my native :-)
Thank you for your wonderful game. I am a not large admirer of serials, but your Henry is the best vampire from those, that I saw :-)
I know that you saw a lot of beautiful places in different countries, so.can be now - to Kiev? :-)
Allow to wish you magic love, success and good scenarios.
And - not drink too much blood on the night:-)
With love
7 February 2010 - Ukraine

Ioana M.
Hey there,
I'm kind of new with the all Blood Ties stuff so I don't know if my question has already been answered. Is there gonna be a third Blood Ties season or at least a movie to put an actual end to the whole story of Vicky, Mike and Henry?
6 February 2010 - Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Europe)

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It's extremely unlikely that there will be more episodes or a movie. The sets have been torn down a long time ago and they are just now selling the props on ebay.

All you have are the books, and who knows if they would have done exactly like the written version ...

thank you that you are
6 February 2010 - Russia

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Thank you.

If you don't mind, I want to know more about your country, because I want to go there. I heard that is a beautiful country like her people. My uncle was there and I heard from him that it is a beautiful country and a special one. I hope this summer go there. Maybe there I can realy find what I have been looking for a while. Please tell me how is there!
Ioana I.
5 February 2010 - Bucharest, Romania

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I would suggest google - just search for "tourist Canada" or "visit Canada" and you should find lots of great info.


Ioana Ilie
it is possible that some letters did not reach at that adress (about Kyle, how we can contact him) who is wrote here? Thanks! Hugs! :-*
1 February 2010 - Bucharest, Romania

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Kyle answers fan mail when he's back in Canada, and since he lives in LA, it can take quite some time.

Hi Kyle,
I've seen you act in a few movies and series, my favorite being Zerophilia and Blood Ties, and you are amazingly handsome!!! I like your spirit even though I've only seen you being in character. You are great!! Keep doing well and continue to do your best, sharing that wonderful face and personality to the world. Hopefully one day I will meet you ^_^ You are awesome and gorgeous, may God continue to bless you. All the best to you and your family.

Yours truly,

Jodi ^_^
30 January 2010 - New York, USA

Hi Kyle,
Again, wishing you best wishes for this 2010. Here is a little something that I found and I thought that it may interest you and your other fans -

Stephen Covey once said, "Be sure that, as you scramble up the ladder of success, it is leaning against the right building." Many people work hard to achieve goals that they think they want only to find, at the end of the day, they get no joy or satisfaction from their accomplishments.

I believe that an artistic and sensitive person as yourself will find a stronger path this year. We support you and we look forward to see you bringing to life more interesting characters to the big and small screen.

All the best to you and your family- break a leg (just joking)
3 January 2010 - Canada

Webmaster comments  
Kyle has picked a difficult business in which to excell, but so far he's enjoying it. He's also interested in writing and directing, so he has more than one path he can follow.

Plus with Love Cures Cancer he's doing something that's completely different - and surely very fullfilling.


Hi Kyle,
Belated Merry Christmas and the best wishes for the upcomimg new year 2010 - felice anno nuovo per lei e sua famiglia
31 December 2009 - Missisauga, ON Canada

Hi there,
I know It's a bit late, but I wish all of you Merry Christmas! It's grate that I found this place. I like 'Blood Ties' and especially Kyle from a few months, so I started to search things for them and now I'm happy about that I've found people like me. All of my friends like 'Twilight', but now I don't like it that much. They are mad with me, because I was the boss of a 'Twilight Fan Club', so now I'm some kind of enemy. I hope that they won't be right about my choice!
So, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

P.S: And sorry if I have mistakes, I'm new!
30 December 2009 - Bulgaria(Europe)

Webmaster comments  
I do see your problem since you were the boss of a Twilight fan club, but you should just tell your friends that it's perfectly fine to enjoy both Twilight and Blood Ties, and that there are all kinds of vampires.

Some are "vegetarian" - and some are not ;-)
Some sparkle - some don't.
Some can get out in cloudy weather - some can't.
It takes all kinds.

And remember - the more vampires you like, the more FUN!

Me - I'm still very fond of Spike and Angel.


Hi, Kyle, I'm so happy I can find this website by GOOGLE and write down something here.
Vampire movies and dramas are always my favorite.
These days I watched Blood Ties. I have to say that you are the most attractive vampire actor I've ever seen.
You are so impressive that I dreamed about you that night.
But I can't remeber what happened in that dream quite clearly.
A little upset.:(
By the way, I come from shanghai,China.
If you come to china for your new movie or drama, you can contact me. Coz my friends are working as journalist in Shanghai and beijing.
Happy New Year.
Wish your new movie succeed!
29 December 2009 - Shanghai,China

Webmaster comments  
How great to know that Kyle and Blood Ties have fans in China!


hallo kyle ich hoffe verbringst du schone ferienzeit.ich wunsche eine schone rutch zum neuen jahr.alles was an deinem herzen liegt hoffe fur dich zu erfullung geht.du bist in mein herz.du bist so besonders fur mich.ich wunsche mir auch was fur 2010 das ware das ich einmal moglichkeit habe in deinem schonen augen life anschauen.alles schonste fur dich
29 December 2009 - schwitzerland

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RingCon in Bonn in October 2010?

Hey Kyle,


and I have a question that asked each blood ties fan:
Would be there a third season of Blood Ties?
This is the best ive ever seen. I want to see you as Henry, Vicki, Mike and Coreen. And i love you as Vampire. YouŽre a great actor =)

(sorry for my bad english haha)

all the best for you kyle,
29 December 2009 - Austria, Europe

Webmaster comments  
Since the production company has been selling the props on ebay, I think they have given up on making more episodes.
Sorry :-(


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