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sasha smith
hi kyle baby

how did u turn into a vampire in blood ties hunny
have a great new year say hi 2 christina 4 me do u like cats/dogs

love from sasha smith
9 January 2008 - england

Webmaster comments  
Kyle has a dog, so I think it's a good bet that he likes dogs ;-)

Hey anne!
I was wondering, am I correct in assuming that there were new questions answered by Kyle this week? I went in to the forum today and saw there were new posts, but the dates were a little weired. So, i'm not sure. lol.
Anywho, hope you are doing well! ^_^ The site is great(as usual ^_~) and i just wanted to say that having the forum is really cool because now we can all communicate with one another too! ^_^
8 January 2008 - Livermore CA

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New answers were: How did you get started and Have you been to a foreign country?

Seems I made the right decision in converting to a forum :-)


Hey , just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. I hope you
enjoy great success , health , & happiness throughout the year.
I long to see more blood ties, so I can see your smiling face
each week. take care !!
7 January 2008 - north carolina

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I wish you success, health, happiness and more Blood Ties episodes!

Anne, that's a great idea to make another forum here. :-) I found it a bit confusing to read through all the questions and answers. The forum looks good. Congrats! You keep me busy with reading now. ;-)
7 January 2008 - Switzerland

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I was afraid you were getting bored ;-)

Amy goheen
Dear Mr. Schmid,
Hopefully we can act together one day that would be cool!

P.S any acting tips for me
5 January 2008 - Canada

Webmaster comments  
Hi Amy,

That would be a question to post on Kyle's Korner ;-)

Becky (vamphoney)
I have seen you portray various characters and you are very good at all of them. You have great range and aren't just playing one type of role. Of course though, Henry has to be my favorite. I know playing 480 yrs. old has got to be challenging and you actually make me believe it. All us fans are fighting really hard to get more Blood Ties and we won't stop til we get what we want.
4 January 2008 - USA

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Keep up the good fight!
And be classy about it - that is so attractive ;-)

i love blood ties it my favorite show i which it went it comes on
4 January 2008 - CA

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How can it not be everybody's favorite show? It ought to be!

kirsty burnett
you are a great actor andi love watching you on blood ties i have just ordered the first season of it on the internet so that when it comes out i have it. i also watch blood ties every thursday.
4 January 2008 - eastbourne, england

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Isn't it lovely to own your favorite TV series on DVD and being able to watch it whenever you feel like it?

Hi Kyle. I love your show, Blood Ties. You're the best vampire I've seen in a long time (best looking, too). Proud to see a local boy do good. Best of luck in your career. I'll be watching.
3 January 2008 - Port Credit, Ontario Canada

Webmaster comments  
Good to hear that he's appreciated at home too ;-)

Latonia /Ms74LT
we over at mylifetime for blood ties message board WE are fighting for blood ties also. all help is wanted and needed, we have been emailing and sending fangs to lifetime. please come join the fight to renew blood ties if your not already doing it. come fight and support BLOOD TIES, lets make them change their minds and give us what we want and need
3 January 2008 - california

Webmaster comments  
I have all the Save Blood Ties info on the SAVE page of BloodTiesCentral(dot)com - if you have anything new, send me an email and I'll add it to the page.


hope you had a great holiday , give Cali a kiss for me.
2 January 2008 - NorthCarolina - usa

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Cali is truly a well-kissed dog ;-)

Kyle and everyone Happy New Year and I know that we will have more Blood Ties Im using the power of positive thinking!!!
2 January 2008 - Ft Lauderdale,FL

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Use The Force too!
And Yoda - "There is no try!"

I was inspired by Kyle's character of Henry to write this poem over at "Hey Neilsen" and got lots of nice comments. So I thought I would share it with all of you as well!!

"Only You"

You with your hair like glistening fire, you speak to my heart and I'm filled with desire. The eyes that twinkel when you smile like you do, your cute little laugh and dimples too! The strength in your hands and passion in your eyes, that send in the romance and butterflies. Your tender words haunt my dreams, bringing forth new hope of what love truly means. If ever a prince kissed me awake, my precious heart would be yours to take. You are the mystery that makes dreams come true my heart belongs to only you!!!
2 January 2008 - Cedar Rapids IA

Webmaster comments  
What a sweet poem Mary!
Thank you so much for posting it.

Happy Happy New Year!!
Hope you had a great one Anne! ^_^ Here's to hoping 2008 will bring many more episodes of BT!!
1 January 2008 - California US

Webmaster comments  
We're really not asking for much ;-)

I just want to wish Kyle, Cali and all his family and friends a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Let's hope that 2008 brings us MORE BLOOD TIES. Notice I put it in caps in case any of the powers that be decide to read. Make sure they get my point LOL. Anne, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you as well sweetheart. Much love to Kyle and Cali.
1 January 2008 - Bronx, NY

Webmaster comments  
Indeed - Happy New Year to all of us!
And much love.

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