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Mary Johnson
Happy BIrthday, Kyle, I hope you have a wonderful day, and that all of your fans are wishing you lots of fun and happiness today and always.

We love you You are one of a kind!!!!!!
24 August 2007 - Cedar Rapids IA

Happy Birthday!! Have a GREAT day!!! :0)
24 August 2007 - California

Happy Birthday Kyle.

I am loving you on Blood Ties and can't wait for the new season to begin. Wishing you all the happiness that this day can bring and much success in the future
24 August 2007

Xiomalis Curet
Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Enjoy your special day to the fullest and remember: The party is not complete without the Guiness! ;-)
24 August 2007 - Miami, FL

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!Can't wait for Blood Ties to come back on tv soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 August 2007

kelly (brrwsklly)
hey i've just looked through your new kyle schmid site and it's so awesome i love it as much as i love bloodtiescentral.
24 August 2007 - sheffield,england

Andy (Designer)
Happy Birthday Kyle.
You dont look a day over 400.
23 August 2007 - Vancouver

Dawn (woody0499)
Happy Birthday Kyle. I hope it is a happy one not just for you but for all your fans who are praying for a new season of Bloodties. You are the hottest vampire ever!!!!! Enjoy your special day and may it bring you everything you want.
23 August 2007 - Scranton PA

Phyllis Martin
Happy Birthday, Kyle! Hope it is a great one. Looking forward to seeing more of you in October on Lifetime. Hope next year brings 22 new Blood Ties episodes and great success in your career!
23 August 2007 - Broomall, PA

Hello there dear sir!!! 'How are ya???' I just wanted to wish you a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", and hopes that you enjoy this day with your family and friends and just be HAPPY. LOL. And I hope that one of your presents is a call saying that the show has been renewed for more seasons. Then I know that you will really "GET YOUR PARTY ON". Lol. But seriously, I wish you all the best luv. "PEACE & GOD BLESS!!!."

~ v ~
Hope U have a GREAT B-day and a SAFE one ~

You are sure to have a long & promising future ahead of U !

Keep up the great work-

Oh, and PLEASE lie and and say that your REALLY turning .,oh, let's say at least 29 ~

Please ~
23 August 2007 - Florida

We will be looking forward to you meeting us at Gypsy's blog. See ya later
Ti Amo
23 August 2007 - Vernon CT USA

Annalaise duChat
Kyle --
I have been authorized by all of your fans on ms.gypsies' blog to extend an invitation to you. We are celebrating your Birthday and Claire's with a Birthday bash on the blog. It will last all day long and at 10:00EST we will meet to chat at the Bloody Ford Clinic. Hope to see you there! Friday August 24 8:00am EST until---

Ms. Gypsy's Blog: msgypsy at wordpress
Bloody Ford Chat Room: henryshens
23 August 2007 - Cleveland, Ohio

Happy Birthday Kyle.
My favorite Blood Ties episode is “Heart of Fire”.
You gave such a powerful performance. The range of emotions that you portrayed was stunning to see. I could see the final defeat and love for Vicki when Henry collapsed on the floor with a heart breaking, “I confess” to Mendoza, in an attempt to save Vicki.
I’m sending wishes for a long career and that roles come your way that allow you to show what a great actor you are.
Rose ( Rifkind )
23 August 2007 - Minneapolis, MN

For your 23rd birthday you will be given thousands of adoring fans - in addition to the ones you already have, of course. We're in for the long haul too!

You make a wonderful Henry, thanks so much for bringing Tanya's creation to life!

Happy Birthday!
23 August 2007 - Baltimore, MD

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