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I have seen you on the first season Blood Ties, It was a fantastic show and you were a great actor. And now I little bit saw you on the blood ties the second season, but I never get to watch the whole thing because my mother wasn't interested this kind of the show. But I will watching you this friday night the whole thing
18 October 2007 - Toledo,Ohiio

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Glad to hear that you will be able to catch up.


I am upset that BT might be cancelled if the ratings don't pick up after this next season. So I am writing to tell you, Christina, and Dylan, that we are figthing non stop in the campaign to keep it going strong. we love the show so much. and YOU, Christina, Dylan and Gina, just get better and better. I am also contacting other stations in an effort to save it if Lifetime drops it. Thak you for bringing all of us together.

we love you!!!
17 October 2007 - Cedar rapids IA

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Keep up the good work!

Anne,Merci beaucoupe! for the great CSI shot! I told you I'd be over here in a minute LOL!!
I only wish he had been on the screen longer than three minute,as I'm sure everyone else does!
Ahh those baby blues! Kyle continued success to you! We love you!

Do feel free to drop in to Ms.Gypsys anytime,hope you enjoyed the birthday gift!
16 October 2007 - Virginia USA

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You're welcome ;-)

Here's a little article I found in one of my city's free daily newspapers.
16 October 2007 - Toronto

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Thanks so much for the interview Kelly.
I'll post it in the media section instead soon - makes it easier to find later on.
HA - he DOES use great moisturizer!

Kyle was sooo hot in CSI last night. I was a little disappointed that we only got to see him for a few minutes but it was worth it just to see him. Awesome as always. And I love the scruffy look.
16 October 2007 - Latrobe, PA

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Yeah - I too wish he'd had a few more scenes - or A LOT more scenes!

Kyle guest starred on "CSI: Miami" the other day. I believe the episode was entitled "Bang, Bang, Your Debt" (Episode 4 of Season 6). He only had a minor role as the victim's ex-boyfriend and only briefly appeared on the show [for interrogation and such].
16 October 2007 - Toronto

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He looked great though.
I've posted an image in the gallery.

Well done Kyle. Loved your appearance on CSI: Miami!!!!
15 October 2007 - Chatham, Ontario, Canada

its the weekend after the premier and i m wondering when lifetime will start advertizing the show more. many are blaming the media and others about not knowing when it premiered. but other than that .sorry im a downer. have you guys watched the chat i thought it was good. the show this friday was fresh not that much demonic stuff going on. i d like to see where the show goes. how many movies is kyle staring in? i heard like 3. hope so bye!
14 October 2007 - texas

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Sorry - I don't understand your question. Kyle's movies are listed on the filmography page and his roles are various sizes - but definitely more than three.

season two in the us is startiing today! can't wait for it! happy late birthday and happy halloween kyle!
12 October 2007 - washington

claire h
I just wanted to say how much i love Blood Ties and what a brilliant actor Kyle is. I love the chemistry between Kyle and Christina, the show has so much potential and i hope that it continues. I wish Kyle every success for the future, he has a great career ahead of him.

Ps.Kyle is gorgeous, i love his cute smile :-)
11 October 2007 - london,england

hey i don't know if Kyle actually reads these lol and i love reading obsessive fan comments and just let you know im not one of them! (an obessive fan that is). Even though like any of the girls i would be honoured if i ever got the chance to meet you.

just posting to say that you are a terrific actor and, as an aspiring actress myself, would love to get as far as your have already. Your going to be big Kyle! many wishing for the future and good luck! we're all supporting you.
Xx claire
10 October 2007 - Aussie

in the guestbook why is there green arrow under the comments?
8 October 2007 - New York

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On the Kyle's Korner comments, the green arrow is just there to separate the comments.

Cali is absolutely adorable:-) I can see why she's Kyle's pride and joy!

Anne, where did you get that pic??
3 October 2007 - Michigan

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Sources ;-)

laurel ( from ms.gypsy's)
It is good to know there are still some true gentlemen left in the world. I hope we get many more chances to see you play Henry Fitzroy, you really seam to understand the character that Tanya first brought to us. I wish you much success, and a year of great joys.
2 October 2007 - Portland, Oregon

kyle you are a fabulous actor I love all your characters and you are super hot HOT keep up all the good work.
1 October 2007 - VA

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Even the nasty ones?

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