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Hey Kyle you was great on the Ring*Con. And I love the TV Show Blood Ties.
Go on and have a great day.

Ha ha hey you are in WM fever?

Hope for the play Germany:USA

Greets from Germany

18 June 2010

When will come the day, when kyle will visit my country. I mean, he has a lot of fans here! But.I do not know.I mean if he will want to come. At least they will be more happy, if he will come. But maybe he will. Who know? Maybe, some day.Can you please tell me if you know something?
Whatever he will do, I will support him.

Thank you!
11 June 2010 - Bucharest, Romania

Webmaster comments  
Kyle loves to travel - but if it's on vacation it's private and I don't imagine there will be any fan meetings - except totally by accident;-)
Do they have conventions in Romania?

First of all, I'm not a hysterical fan and I won't say I love you.
But I think you possess the extra talent and charm which sets you apart from the rest. I wish you good luck and have a beautiful and fulfilling life.
See you in your movies!
12 May 2010 - Transylvania

we can we hangout kyle
6 May 2010

Webmaster comments  
Perhaps at RingCon in Bonn ....

Kyle, my love, you rock!!!!
27 April 2010 - Bucharest, Romania

just wanted to let you know
you are the best vampire ever!
26 April 2010 - romania

Andra Anne-Marie
First, to you Anne,
Thank you for your hard work!!!
Secondly, to all the fans,
Thank you for all your love and support!!
Then, to Cali,
Thank you for taking care of Daddy!!!
Last, but not least, to Andreas,
I know it's only words
But words are all I have
To take your heart away
22 April 2010 - Bucharest, Romania

Webmaster comments  
And to you - Thank You for taking the time to write.

Hi Kyle,

I'm a dutch woman in my 30ths and not able to have kids anymore because of cancer but cured from it (awaiting my every year check up)

Just wanted you to know, it warms me to see you fundraising for the charity Love Cures Cancer!!
As this disease can be devastating for every one, the person with the desease as well everyone around that person like family and friends,
it makes a different that someone else cares.
In the way to make changes, in funding money for research and to make a change for the kids in the hospital shows the warm caring person behind the good looking actor.
Thank you for that ;-)
And hoping other people will follow

Warm regards, Jacqui x
19 March 2010 - Montauroux, South of France

Excuse me.Could you tell me that Kyle Schmid's birthday is 3rd,August or 24th,August ?
7 March 2010 - CHINA

Webmaster comments  
Kyle's birthday is August 3rd

William Deschamps
I truly enjoy your acting, you create an incredible vampire image in Blood Ties and looking forward to seeing your more recent film work. I hope to see you in other vampire roles in the future, since you truly have a deft hand at portraying a dark sensual character such as a vampire roll. Its great to see such gifted Canadian talent on the screen.
5 March 2010 - Ontario, Canada

Webmaster comments  
Kyle has said he's not opposed to playing a vampire again, but that it depends on the role.
So you never know ...

Is Kyle's color of hair natural? I know curles aren't
27 February 2010 - Kazakhstan

Webmaster comments  
As far as I know, his hair color when he played Henry Fitzroy was his natural color - and so were the curls. I've only seen him with dark straight hair once - in Joy Ride 2.

Hi kyle-You are amazing actor.Everything You FILMS ARE VERY GOOD. I like 'Blood Ties' .I want to see more.Would be there a third season of Blood Ties? As a vampire its so COOL AND HOT.YOU CHANGE THE WORLD for girls.You are SO beautiful.And your smile .Damn KYLE.I wish you much happiness and luck.I'm also a Zodiac sign Leo.Most beautiful sign.Excuse for my English .And sorry if I have mistakes.
Everything you are.
Everything you'll be.
Touches the current of love.
So deep in me . :)
25 February 2010 - BULGARIA

Last october we met Kyle at the Ring*Con in Bonn.
It was a very nice encounter.
Now we hope, that it ist possible to see him again this year at the same event.
It gives a saying here: Everyone you see in the live always for two times . and is it not possible this year than eventually later. :-)
17 February 2010 - Germany

Hi, Kyle. With the day of St. Valentine! I wish you endless love, health, success in everything and good films:-)
14 February 2010 - Ukraine

Hi Kyle, its good to see you on any show and i really enjoyed and thank you. Keep it up. "smile"
9 February 2010

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