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hi :) You are really handsome man . It's nice to look at you hyhy :) greetings :*
23 January 2009 - Poland

Hello Kyle, Hated to see the show go but am working with others to help bring it back if you are willing to return with the rest of the cast. Such a handsome man and you like skulls I see so do I, LOL!!! Bloodties was my show. I liked you in the Covenant also, well stay sexy kyle.
20 January 2009 - Sugar land TX

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Working to being the show back? I'm ALL for that! And Blood Ties was my show too.


What a bummer it is that TV shows aren't actually made for the people that watch them. I really enjoyed Blood Ties and was not happy when, yet again, another show I watched was cancelled. I wonder what is required, other than ratings obviously, for a show to be allowed to continue?? Too bad, I guess I will just have to watch the re-runs huh?
20 January 2009 - Maine

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Perhaps for the CEO of the network to love it?
Reruns it is ;-)

I'm just watching Blood Ties on german RTL2, I think the show is wonderful i it's pitty they made only 22 episodes. And Kyle is perfect as Henry:) I love to watch him, he playes greate!
20 January 2009 - Poland

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Yes - it's a big pity.
We want vampires - not reality shows!


I like this homepage.
Thanks for this.

Mein Englisch ist nicht besonders. :)
18 January 2009 - Germany

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You're welcome - and es ist doch ganz nett!

Hi Anne, thanks for all.
I have to make you a question, do you know wath Kyle's doing now, some movie or mabe working in a new serie?

Tanks and Kisses
14 January 2009 - Chile

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Hi Johanna,

As far as I knowm, Kyle is not currently working on a movie or TV series.
He's working with freinds on putting togehter a charity fund raiser called LoveCuresCancer to benefit a children's hospital. There are a couple of links on the main page, just above Kyle's photo.


sasha smith
hiya anne its sasha here how r u?

last night i dyed my hair black but my blonde bits went green big uh oh i moved in with richard. woohoo hope u have a happy new year anne speak to you soon i miss blood ties me and richard love it

love sasha
14 January 2009 - kent

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Green hair? Now that's exotic ;-)
Glad to hear that Richard also love Blood Ties.


Oh, I think, I have to look for some movies. Since We´ve seen him in Blood Ties, yes. I think, we´re fans now!

Great actor, should have longer scenes in CSI Miami or something like that. And maybe some more movies.? :)
13 January 2009 - Bavaria

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You did see Kyle in Smallville?
Though I think he looked his best in CSI: Miami ;-)


Hello everyone!
I just think I'm in love, I missing so much!!!
11 January 2009 - Chile

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Yeah - it's really so bad they were not able to make more episodes.


Hey! I'm Maggie and I'm 23 years young!

Kyle you're awesome. Awesome in Blood Ties, which I only very recently discovered for some reason. Sucks that there are no more episodes tho :( the last episode opened up so many possibilities. First show I Googled since Buffy haha! Anyway i just wanted to drop by and congratulate you on your success so far and i hope you continue to do great things :) From what I can tell so far, the world needs a Kyle Schmid!

Lotsa luv n stuff!


11 January 2009 - Dublin, Ireland

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Hi Maggie -

Better late then never - and at least you can get teh show on DVD - unlike teh poor American and Canadian fans who are still waiting.


HI, U R AWSOME! i loved u on Blood Ties and i got a lot of ppl interseted in it b/c i did a powerpoint on it for school Keep up the good work!
9 January 2009 - Minnesota

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What a great way to practice powerpoint!


sasha smith
today i am emailing to say thanx and scott lives in birmingham he lives in his own flat he asked me to move in with him last night i said yes

hiya kyle i miss your vampire ways bite me LOL

7 January 2009 - KENT

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We all miss our favorite vampire!


sasha smith
OLLA i emailed kyle this because i saw him on sisterhood of the travelling pants lol his hair was 2 blonde please tell him i said hiya and goodbye as i wont be on here anymore as i have met somebody else his name is scott and he goes to university he has 4 piercings he is 18 and i am 17 lol
6 January 2009 - kent

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Good luck Sasha - I hope Scott lives in Kent ;-)


Gisela Conte
I am from Venezuela and was every saturday following the show Blood Ties. I never lost any of the episodes. now I am so sad I was told there are no more chapters.:(
Kyle: you are ,let me find the right words:great,simpatic, handsome and talented! what else?
The best wishes for this year and lot of success in your career

Hugs from a fan!
4 January 2009 - Valencia , Venezuela

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I could not have said it better myself ;-)


hi happy new year to all on of kyle fan i tiel u some thing now not that good at spelling
4 January 2009 - london

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We get it ;-)
Happy New Year to you too.


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