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Hello Kyle and All, Just wanted to wish Ya a blessed day. I can't wait for friday's epi!
15 November 2007 - Ga

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Ginny Green
I just think that Kyle is a really cool guy and I just love Blood Ties.I think that he should follow his dream of being a Director.
14 November 2007 - Florida,USA

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Just as long as he stars in most of his movies too, right?

it s nice to see an other canadian on tv and so nice looking at that is even better
13 November 2007 - montreal

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I'm very fond of Canadians myself :-)

i hope whoever kyle's girlfriend is get married
12 November 2007 - UK

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What about Kyle? ;-)

Yes, it's me again.sorry. I just have to put this out there for the rest of Kyle's fans. I love checking out some of the weekly celeb publications (In Touch, OK.etc.)love to see what everyone is up to and wearing. But I have to tell you, I am sick of seeing Brad, Angelina, Brittany. Why do I never see Kyle? I mean he is a hot, young newcomer who is in a TV series and appeared in numerous movies. This drives me crazy. I would never wish the paparazzi on him.can't we just get an article here and there? I am trying to work with a writer I know to see if she can try for something free-lance with some of her contacts. I mean look at his fan base now because of Blood Ties, imagine what it would be if he were pictured and interviewed in a main stream celeb mag. I also wish when he is mentioned they would stop comparing him to Hayden Christiansen because he can do much better and I don't even think their acting is in the same league. I can't wait til Kyle breaks into mainstream and really shows them what he is made of.
Sorry Anne but I had to get it all out :)
12 November 2007 - USA

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I forgive you ;-)
And why isn't he at least in the Canadian magazines?

BT grl fan
Just wanted to say you have a great website and I'm definitely a big fan of Kyle's and can't wait for Joy Ride 2 and more Blood ties. Question for said.
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Hi Aryanna -
Questions are for Kyle's Korner, but okay - Kyle's said in an interview that he's seeing someone. He didn't mention HIS eye color though.

by chance was the HIS a typo??? Otherwise I think all the grls are gonna be heart broken. lol
11 November 2007 - ok

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The question was about KYLE's eye color ;-) And he would be the expert on his own eyes.
Consider your hearts unbroken ;-)

Believe me I don't want to hop on the "rumor train" just an FYI. there has been some talk on another website about Kyle dating another actress for over a year now - and it's not Laura Mennell. I don't know if even that info is true and until the day that HE decides to go public, I guess we will never truly know.
11 November 2007 - USA

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True - nor are we entitled to know.
Someone actually asked about Kyle's girlfriend on Yahoo Answers - a bit much if you ask me. I felt like entering Greta Garbo as a response ;-)

hot news-

kyle's girlfriend is .
the pretty woman that played christina
11 November 2007 - nowhere

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Kyle Schmid told you this?

Mary J
Hi everyone,

Just want to say, Loved this episode. Especially the part when Henry laid Vicky on the couch, gazed down at her, and said "I'm sorry" It was one of the of the most Beautiful love scenes I have ever witnessed. Also My heart went out to Alexander and Henry, when He wanted to die and Henry had to kill him, and the look on Henry's face broke my heart when he discovered what christina had done to this boy. It broke my heart and I cried through the whole scene. Finally Great job everybody you guys rocked the house last night, wonderful performances need more romantic scenes like the couch one.

Love Mary J
10 November 2007 - Cedar Rapids IA

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Christina got off easy!

Ann Reyonlds
The woman that played Christina on "the devil you know" last night is kyle girlfriend!

i think? :l
10 November 2007 - USA

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It's called "acting" ;-)

Just saw "The Devil You Know" last night! IT WAS GREAT!!!! I love how it was entirely about the "vampire" theme. There were plenty of great lines as always and the acting was superb as usual. Loved Henry's line about his past and future (don't want to go into details and SPOIL anything if you haven't seen it yet).

Kyle looked HOTTER than ever in this episode. Tight shirts with tons of muscles. :)

10 November 2007 - USA

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Does anyone know when blood ties tv com is going to sell new stuff? I've been checking, but nothing yet.

9 November 2007 - Dacula, GA USA

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Sorry - I have no idea.

No problem :). So will your friend be able to help me out a bit? If not, I'm still ok. I just wish I could somehow post the episodes online. Kyle has some hilarious scenes. Like this one time where he dances for the school's talent show. LOL, just adorable. Ohhh and I have a clip to share in the Media section of site. Itís a clip of Kyle from the Cheetah Girls movie. It's from Youtube, so I'll have to send it to you through e-mail cause of the who URL thing.
9 November 2007 - Toronto

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I don't think so.
I wish so too - but since it's illegal you bettter not do it.
But it sure sounds like there are great Kyle scenes.

hello again.

watched yet another ep of blood ties ,then turned over to a movie channel then hey presto! an advertisement for the covenent . so my friend walkes in and has a tantrum at me saying im stalking Kyle!? the only way i could be stalking kyle is through blood ties repeats!
bye bye
9 November 2007 - Manchester

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Stalking by Blood Ties repeats - best way there is ;-)

Hey Kyle and Everyone, I do hope Ya are having a wonderful day. I can't wait for friday! Thats my fav day now. Any news on the new season?
8 November 2007 - Dacula, Ga

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I imagine Kyle's busy filming Joy Ride II.
No news yet.
When there is, I'm sure it will be shouted from the rooftops ;-)

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