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I have always been an avid Lifetime watcher. I am a bit of sucker for those real life dramas. but I am VERY disappointed in them right now. All the "crap" that is on TV and they cannot at the very least air the last 2 episodes of a great show as scheduled???? That is complete BS and I will not watch Lifetime anymore. I will of course be downloading the episodes to watch because I love the show and Kyle.

Lifetime will definitely be hearing about this from me.
29 November 2007 - USA

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I would really, really like to hear their reasoning for not airing the last two episodes.
To quote the great Fezzik: "It's inconceivable!"

I am extremely disappointed in the television industry I finally found the show of my dreams and now there's no telling when there will be more episodes or if there will be any at all. My heart aches very bad. Kyle and Christina I love you both
28 November 2007 - Missouri(USA)

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Not even airing the last episode on TV really sucks.
Lifetime is breaking the contract with Blood Ties fans.

BTgrl fan
This is from Tanya Huff's blog and wanted to share it for everyone that is a fan of BT and Kyle's, It was wrote to Tanya from Lifetime today.

Hey Tanya,

I just wanted to give you an update in regards to the Blood Ties final two episodes. Those episodes will not air on-air they will air online instead.

The schedule is as follows:
November 30: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly will air on Television and "We'll Meet Again" will air online.
*Basically you will get two episodes this Friday (November 30)
Next Friday, December 7: The final episode will air online only.

(bit about how we'll handle the blog deleted because we haven't decided yet)

Also, is it possible to send a message to the fans letting them know they can watch online the final two episodes?


I don't know any more than what's in the message and I've turned off comments because I really, really need to finish my polish of the new Valor book and well, there's going to be comments that I don't have time to answer and speculation that I can't answer. Yeah, I know what this looks like but no one has said anything definite yet and until someone does I can't comment. Remember, television is a strange world and nothing's written in stone until someone actually writes it in stone.
28 November 2007 - OK

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This is NOT how I wanted it to end!

bama girl
the only thing I can say is.GOODNESS GRACIOUS
28 November 2007

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Goodness Gracious!

Saw blood ties for the first time last week)) Don't heed to continue, ah??))
Want to thank Kyle for opening my eyes) THANKS THANKS THANKS!! If I didn't see him on TV i would finally go on a date with the wrong guy and make some great mistakes. Now I realise that there are many pretty and clever people on this planet and I don't need to go out with those i don't like just because i'm desperate to find someone)) time will come and i'll meet a person who i will fell in love with!!
P.S. wish Kyle to get a big role which will make him really famous and succesfull!!!! Unfortunately, not many people in russia know him :( let's improve this!!!
27 November 2007 - Moscow

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Going out with people you don't like sounds like a bad idea!
A good idea would be telling everybody about Blood Ties and Kyle ;-)
Are there any Russian chat sites or blogs or communities where you can post about Blood Ties? And Kyle?

Hi, Anne! *waving* Great site.and the subject matter is top notch! *grin*
26 November 2007 - Kansas, USA

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I'm good at picking great subjects ;-)

BTgrl fan
Friday's episode was great. But what I was really wondering is if anyone has heard what's going to happen with Blood Ties and what's Kyle doing next after Joy Ride 2??
25 November 2007 - OK

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No news yet, sorry.

Hey Kyle and All, I loved last night's Episode! It was very intense, and sad at times. Kyle did a wonderful job. I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. Henry with NO Shirt On, OMG!!!
24 November 2007 - GA

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I hope Kyle didn't catch a cold ;-)

hey there ppl of any way i only wanted to sat that Kyle is sooooooooooooooooooo SEXI !!!!! and i agree with the other girl Kyle should be on the seciest men alive list like at number one :) . love you kyle . plus your borthday is like 5 dayz after mine thats sooooooooo kool :). and ur not that much toller than me eithor sooooooooo awsome
23 November 2007 - hamilton ontario

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Awesome coolness indeed ;-)

I just saw People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue. Yes, there are some very sexy men in this issue. but where is Kyle? There is even a section with ages, who's sexy in their 20's, 30's.etc. and he wasn't even in that section either. Come on! Kyle blows away more than half of the men in this list not to mention how badly he surpasses the supposed "sexiest". Matt Damon (my opinion of course).
If I could look beyond Vin Diesel in The Pacifier and inquire about who "the boyfriend" was back in 2005 that's gotta count for something right?
I would gladly like to get Kyle more publicity!
20 November 2007 - USA

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I think it's more of a popularity contest and Damon is popular.
Cute too.
Sexy - not so much ;-)
Email People Magazine!

Sonja W
I crave this show and get my "Buffy" fix every time I watch it. Kyle is hypnotic to watch and his character is intriguing. I accidentally stumbled across Bloodties late one Friday night and am so glad I did! LOVE IT!
19 November 2007 - BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA

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Happy accident indeed!
I admit I never felt the same way about the Buffy-character las do about Henry ;-)
You know you can watch previous episodes on videos_lifetimetv_com?

Fantabulous show! Wasn't sure before the first episode, but I am now! And I'm one of those who has been a "teenybopper" for a "rather long time"!

Oh, to be young(er) again! ;-)
18 November 2007 - Victoria, British Columbia

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"Teenyboppers" rule!
Well, if we can't be young(er), at least we're still young at heart.

Hey Kyle and Everyone, I loved last nights epi! Henry was awesome, that outfit at the opening was priceless. When he gave Vickie a complement she was like okay.(i'm that way)

anywho, hope ya are having a wonderful day.
17 November 2007 - GA

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I know a lot of women who are interested in getting a belt? like Henry's ;-)

It is officially 45mins til this weeks new episode! (at least it is for me here in California) ^_^ I'm super excited! I've read some stuff on the lifetime website about this episode. Can't wait to see how Henry and Vicki's 'date' goes at the gallery show. Oh! And I heart Kyle. lol. (did that sound at all like i'm a teenie bopper? lol.)
16 November 2007 - California US

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We're all teenie boppers where Kyle is concerned - some of us have just been teenie boppers for a rather long time ;-)

Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl aka Bernadette
Just dropping by to say Hi. *g* Love Blood Ties, absolutely Love Kyle.still hard to believe he's only 23.or was it 24?'s hoping we have another season of BT. Any news yet? I'm the kinda person who has little time to poke around on the blogs anymore.

Anyways.this is more a comment for the Webmaster than anything else. Your comments are just too funny. *g* You totally add much needed humor to my day. :) I swear, sometimes I check the guestbook just to read your comments.hehe

Sadly, I have no comments to add on the most current ep, The Devil You Know, seeing as I missed the whole first half and had no idea what the heck was even going on. When I get a chance to watch it from the beginning, maybe I'll have some thoughts. Heh.

Shout out to anyone on Gypsy's Blog. HI!! I'm still here.sort of.hehe
15 November 2007 - Florida, USA

Webmaster comments  
23 for a while yet.
No news yeet - I guess we need to stock up on patience. I just hope for my sake that we don't learn until after Tuesday since I can't update until then. Guestbook and Kyle's Korner yes - the website proper - no.

Thank you :-)

YAY Gypsies!

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