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Oh! I agree webmoster USA would be a great network to pick up BT! They always have different shows, The Dead Zone and 3100(i think that's the name), and I'm sure BT would fit right in with their programing and general audience. We should all send them letters! lol.
5 December 2007 - California US

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Get busy writing!

Hi! I was wonderin' how is your dog and Christina? Just wanted to know how is every is doing. Thanks!
4 December 2007 - Georgia, US

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Please post queries for Kyle on Kyle's Korner.
The guest book is where I, webmoster, comment.
Okay, I am sometimes able to answer a question about Kyle, but I am not up on how Christina and Cali are doing - I wish ;-)

hi kyle
just wanted to say hi and that you are a very talented actor i enjoy you as henry and it has caused me and my daughter to bond . i cant believe lifetime would do this to you and the cast. hopefully well see henry again on another channel
4 December 2007 - tennessee

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I too hope that another channel picks up Blood Ties.
USA perhaps?

i'm doing a project on t.v actors/ actresses and kyle is one of those actors. Does he have any siblings????
4 December 2007 - Manchester

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I don't know - I think it's a question for Kyle's Korner, and it would probably be a while before I got a response.
How does siblings factor into your report?

Sasha Dadd
kyle if u come 2 deal i will give u a good night out in a club with my sexy dancing my friend jojo said hi 2 she thinks ur fit as anything will u come to [address deleted by webmoster - for security reasons] deal kent
4 December 2007 - deal kent

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Sorry, but Kyle has been barred from all UK clubs because of the riots by female fans.
But thanks for the offer ;-)

Adrieanna, Michelle, Grace, Miranda, Vicky, Christina
I must admit, at first after I read the "Blood Ties" book before the series came on Lifetime, I was skeptical that they wouldn't find "the Henry" to play the role. Obviously, I was'd make a hotttt vampire! *giggles* No, that's not the point I'm trying to make. I completely support your acting career [caught you briefly in the should've been the bad guy, sorry] and will continue to hope that you pursue this career.gosh, you made me love vampires more, and understand more [than the books with my now.*coughcough* visual aids] how deep your character is.and well, shows.

Me and my friends are rooting for a B.T.Movie.which would be awesome.we wonder how we could get into the acting it is to work with Christian Cox and Dylan Neal.

[Ironic that two girls who are my friends are characters in the shows]

Michelle: You are so hotttt I almost peed my pants when I saw how hotttt you are! *squeals*

Grace: *hyperventilazte*

Miranda: Um.let me just say.straight up, you are awesome! Keep it hot! :)

Vicky and Christina: We would so.let you drink our blood ANY day.

3 December 2007 - United States

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I'm sure Kyle appreciates your offer, but he prefers Guiness.

Stephanie Piche
Hey Kyle, Wanted to let you know that I am big fan of Blood Ties and enjoy your acting abilities on that show. Keep up the great work! Cheers
3 December 2007 - Los Angeles CA

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Yes, Please keep up the great work.
Are you listening, Lifetime?

Hi Kyle, I truly hope and pray that Blood Ties carries on. All of your co-workers and you work the show! You are an awsome and sexy vampire. I hope to see you in more films and/or shows to explode your talent to the world. I WILL be at the Megacon to see you, I can't wait. I will be wearing my favorite shirt ' The Lost Boys' at least it's my favorite until I can find one with Blood Ties on it. So see ya their!!!!
3 December 2007 - Jasper, Florida USA

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Maybe we should consider name tags for MegaCon?




2 December 2007 - Moscow, Russia

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I guess this means you like Kyle?

Hey Kyle, Just wanted to let you know how upset I am with Lifetime. You are a wonderful talented actor! You will go on to play many great roles. (and also very hottt) i will FOREVER BE A FAN OF YOURS. i am sorry they did this to you and the others.

may god bless you,
30 November 2007 - GA

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Nothing definite has been announced, so I'm trying to stay optimistic.
It sure is hard work ;-)

BTgrl fan
I was afraid of how ppl would react to that post.I feel bad that so many ppl are ranting and raving. I don't think Lifetime WANTED Blood Ties to succeed because they are all for Army Wives and promoting the crap outta that. Blood Ties deserves a better station to pick it and maybe, just maybe someone will or Lifetime might change their minds. I'd rather think hopeful thoughts then go all nutty.
29 November 2007 - OK

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I figure those reactions were to be expected. Hopefuly is DEFINITELY preferred to nutty.

Kyle - in case they don't renew Blood Ties I just wanted to say that I will miss you as Henry. You portrayed him wonderfully.

Also, love the hair. it works well for you. It goes great with the Fryes and jeans look :)
29 November 2007 - USA

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I does! I'm not really looking forward to the "Powder"-look ;-)

Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl aka Bernadette
Ugh. Still mad at LT. Even worse for someone like me who has an older pc and can't download much of anything, so I won't get to see the eps at all. Guess I'll just have to wait for the DVD's to come out. And as for the Webmaster's comment, sorry. I don't live close enough to Orlando. Even if I did, I don't have the money to travel. At all. At this point, I've pretty much forgot what the word fun even means. And I just realized I had no point to this post. *g* My bad. On a totally evil note, I think we need to borrow Kyle's alter ego and go bust some heads. *eg*

*Proud Lurker of Gypsy's blog*
29 November 2007 - SW Florida, US of A

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I believe point is called venting ....

I just read on the Tanya Huff's live journal that she received a note from Lifetime about the last two episodes of Blood Ties. I can't believe they are doing that. It really sucks, especially when they asked her to write a letter to all the fans on about it. I seriously hope they are just doing a messed up way of a season finale and not taking the show off the air! If they are this is a pretty messed up way of letting fans of the show know about it.
29 November 2007 - California US

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Not well done at all.

Blood Drinker aka Vampgrl aka Bernadette
I've gotta say, I'm extremely upset at Lifetime right now. So upset it wouldn't be appropriate for this guestbook to say just how upset I am. Bascially it would involve lots and lots of colorful expletives. I found the message about the 2 remaining eps this morning on one of my BT mailing lists. Can I say What the.?! It's official. I have never watched LT before BT and I will never watch it ever again. They can keep their demoralizing movies towards women. If that's the kind of demographic they want, then mores the pity for them. They were actually attracting viewers and now it seems like they're trying to push them all away. Seems like they never intended to keep BT in the first place.

That being said, this is for Kyle, you are such a wonderfully talented, young and not to mention good-looking guy and I enjoyed watching you every week on BT. I hope you get many more TV and movie offers, because you deserve it. I would also like to see you play a vampire again in the future.just because you're so good at it. :) Keep the faith and I think it stinks that the show is getting yanked out from under everyone.

Same goes for the rest of the wonderful cast. You guys RULE!!!
29 November 2007 - Florida, USA

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I think we've all about run out of expletives.
I see you're in Florida - near Orlando? Maybe the thought of MegaCon can cheer you up a bit?

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