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Kyle if you get this please convince that we have a second season in blood ties i love it you are so HOT!!!!
15 December 2007 - Sherwood Park,Alberta,Canada

Webmaster comments  
I wish Kyle had Henry's persuasive voice and went and visited the Lifetime offices ...

Ms. Stina
Ok so i hear that Kyle doesn't email fans. Ok so what does that mean? :( goodness. So I hear that he lives in Ontiro. Wow i live in Michigan. So thats just a hop, skip, and jump away from my hometown. Well i guess they do et really busy, i well give him some slack. But still i didn't hear about the whole lifetime till about well last night. Not fair.

Well in the words of Henry "I don't have mojo, I have charm"!
15 December 2007 - Michigan

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If Kyle were to start emailing with his fans, I don't think he would have time to make more movies or TV episodes ;-)
Eh - no, Kyle lives in LA now.

Brittany like in France
Dear Kyle,

Ok so I having been watching "Blood Ties" from the begining. I got all of my friends hooked on it. (I loved you first, ever since "The Cheeta Girls). WE watch every week to see what happnes between you and Vicky, it is like we are part of the show. We have to call each other during commerical breaks and we are like "did you just see that". I can not belive that Lifetime did not pick the show back up. It is a crime. I know this is childest but if you have the time you email me back. My friends would die and it would make me so happy. To lose such a good show is horrible. While hope to see you back on air soon. Thanks!!!!

One of your biggest fans,
p.s. we love that sexy grin that you do, we swoon!!!
14 December 2007 - Michigan

Webmaster comments  
Except for seeing the episodes in the same room, your way sound great ;-)
I can't believe Lifetime either - it really doesn't seem sound business.
But then, I'm not a business person.
While I'm sure Kyle would love to make all his fans happy, I'm afraid he doesn't email fans, sorry.

John Reiss
I posted a comment on Kyle's Korner because it would be nice to hear from him. My wife and I spent some time with him and a friend 4+ years back and it would be nice to hear from him. I mentioned a photo I have of him involving a big bull (he'll know what I'm talking about). In any case, we think he's doing a great job and hope to hear back. that he's doing well and has some nice gigs in the future. Thanks!
13 December 2007 - Boston, MA

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I prefer he continue with his current gig for a while longer.
Several years actually;-)

Mr. Schmid,

I majored in English an taught it in a Florida Public School system for many years; I now work as a high school Guidance Counselor who maintains her love of the ".written word." I've always been passionate about the classics, (especially the sci-fi classics) such as, Mary Shelley's (Frankenstein), Bram Stoker's (Dracula), and Huxley's ;(A Brave New World) and the incomparable Ann Rice's (Interview with a Vampire). Furthermore, the Vampire mystique has always fascinated me for some reason.
Anyway, "Blood Ties", the creation of Tanya Huff (who I believe) to be a genuinely inspirational artist and I enjoy her creation tremendously! I rarely encounter film/television productions of literary art with a great deal of esteem. I'm no profound critic of literature (and or the theatrical intelligencia) but I do believe in art (for art's sake) and comprising any work of art (literary, theatrical, musical, dance, etc.) is a profound loss to us all (even, those of us who don't get it!). I do not intend to sound like a intellectual snob but I do believe in praising extraordinary up and coming artists (of all genres). Frankly, (though, I readily admit to not being an expert) see a level of artistic professionalism, depth, dedication and promise in your work that is rare (and desperately needed in today's up and coming actors).
Please continue to polish your craft. Have fun, grow, learn, and never become content with the status quo. You have so much to offer and an obligation (if you will) to become a master at what you do.I look forward to watching you evolve.
P.S. Please forgive any and all grammatical errors from this educator. I remember reading that you like Guiness (and a good time); well, I like Vodka (Orange Juice and moments peace from my hundreds of beloved students). Frankly, I've had a few and I make no apologies for it. Keep it real.
13 December 2007 - Tampa, Florida

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Well put ;-)

Anyone heard about the sci-fi slices podcast that will be telling fans what's happened to the fate of Blood Ties? It was on the Lifetime message board today. Looks like they have (yet again) sent someone else to let the fans know instead of themselves.
13 December 2007 - California US

Webmaster comments  
No - I hadn't heard about it.
Looks like Lifetime is the "pull off the band-aid in many small jerks" kind of company ... and not even doing it themselves, but letting others do it.

Hey, Kyle, I am a huge fan of yours. I LOVE YOU . I also wanted to know if you enjoyed acting in Blood Ties with Christina Cox. And how do you feel about Lifetime maybe not renewing Blood Ties!
8 December 2007 - Florida

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Hi Samantha,
Please post questions for Kyle on Kyle's Korner, thanks.

Melissa Garcia
To Kyle Schmid,

Hello My name is Melissa Garcia,
I Send u this message to let u know that u are a great person. I just would like to say is that u are a fanatic actor,but as so a person. No i don't know u, but u can
tell by the person by the there, action and words.
I'm write to u because it is nice to write to someone who is
nice and wonderful as u maybe and to known if u are real person to write to. I live in a small town call Rio Vista, California, i think Northern, but i live here all my life.
I just found myspace try to meet new friend some old.
I' v seen u on TV Blood ties and movies.
? Do u have a female love one, ( Girlfriend)?
Thank u for your time i know u are a buzzy man, hope to here from u , it would make my day

sincerely, Melissa
8 December 2007 - Rio Vista , California, December 7th, 2007

Webmaster comments  
Hi Melissa,
Great that you finally managed to enter a message.
Kyle has confirmed in an interview that he is seeing someone - that's all we know.

BTgrl fan
I was finally able to catch the end of the seasons episode, omg, was it extremely awesome. Kyle, if by chance you do read this, you astound me! You're skills as an actor can only grow. The feelings you portrayed made me cry. You could just see the tears glowing in your eyes.Even if they don't renew BT I'll enjoy anything you do on the small screen and the big screen. Love ya(in a friend way not the really psycho way, promise!)

8 December 2007

Webmaster comments  
And at Kyle's age, we have years of stuff to look forward to.

I love blood ties~ Season 2 will air in my country~
I'm really looking forward to this season~!!!
I love you Kyle, xoxo~~
7 December 2007 - South Korea

Webmaster comments  
That's good news - Enjoy!

oh! I just remembered what else I was going to ask you the other day. Do you have any info about the fate of Blood Ties on Lifetime or in general? If it's going to be renewed?
7 December 2007 - California

Webmaster comments  
Nobody knows yet - hopefully we will know by the end of the year.

There are french fans. my m8 aimilee just moved here from france. she's addicted to blood ties already. she likes dylan neal. anyway i still need to no if kyle has any siblings
7 December 2007 - Manchester

Webmaster comments  
Sorry, I don't have any info about Kyle's family - Kyle is in the business, his family isn't.

Hey webmoster,
how do you get the questions asked to Kyle answered? Do you know him? Or is it a "talked to his manager and he comes on the site when he can", kind of thing? Or is it some kind of hidden secret you can never tell us? lol. (that last question is my need of sleep coming out in Inquisitiveness/ silliness. hehe.)
I was just pondering this before heading off to bed. lol. night!
6 December 2007 - California US

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I met Kyle on the Blood Ties set in March, so I'd can't really claim I know him from one meeting.
But I made some great connections there that came in very handy later on when I made this website.

we have to do a factfile on each actor/ actress to translate into french and german.
6 December 2007 - Manchester

Webmaster comments  
Fact files?
We do?
I know there are German and Italian Blood Ties fan sites, but I don't know of any French ones.

Just wanted to share something funny that happened to me last night. I had a dream and Kyle was in it. Not Henry, but Kyle. at least I don't think he was a vampire.LOL. I am not a crazy person, I know why I had this dream but it amused me so I thought I would share. So the very short version of the dream is that I was in this very long line waiting for tickets to some show that were very hard to get, I met these 2 really crazy/funny older women.etc. Next thing I know I am in a room with Kyle and he is telling me that he knows I met his crazy Aunt and Grandmother and we were laughing about how much fun they were. So of course I woke up like WHOA! But I have been trying like crazy to help my friend get a Nintendo WII for her daughter for Christmas so that is where the standing in line came into play and yesterday we had a discussion in work about the writer's strike and how they are putting the Blood Ties on line.etc. so that is where Kyle came into play. But I gotta tell ya it was really nice to see him there:) As I am typing this I am wondering if he has a crazy/fun Aunt and/or Grandmother? Hmmm. that would be funny.then again, don't we all ???
5 December 2007 - USA

Webmaster comments  
I wonder if Kyle's fun aunt has a Nintendo WII?

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