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Happy Birthday, Kyle

Thank you for your work in BLOOD TIES. It is a fantastic show and you are great. We are doing everything we can to get more seasons. Your family will be very proud of you. We all are. You will definitely be around for a long time now that everyone has gotten to see you and know what you are capable of. Maybe your Birthday present will be Lifetime announcing commiting to more seasons. That will make everyone happy. =)

Have a great birthday!!!
22 August 2007 - Orlando, Florida

A very Happy Birthday Kyle !! You've been blessed with a wonderful gift. I hope you get everything you want , CLEARLY you have the talent to succeed at whatever you choose. You are the Cool Cat !

22 August 2007 - New Orleans, LA


May life bring to you all the things you want. And may you have a long and prosperous career. I enjoy all that you do. Especially Blood Ties. Which I am anxiously awaiting Oct. 12 (also my B-day) I get the best present ever. To see you again. Enjoy your day and may you have a wonderful birthday.


Forever your fan,

22 August 2007 - Bronx, NY

Arrowyn (Carol)
Happy birthday, Kyle!
Best wishes to you on your special day and blessings in your professional and personal life. Thank you for the joy you've brought all of us. Looking forward to more joy and smiles in our future!
22 August 2007 - Beaverton, Oregon

Happy Birthday, Kyle.

Have a wonderful day !
22 August 2007 - USA

Happy Birthday Kyle! I really hope your day is "fit for a King". Enjoy!!!

22 August 2007 - Minnesota, USA

Have a wonderful birthday, Kyle!!
22 August 2007 - UT, USA

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy watching "Blood Ties". I'm sure your family will love it as much as we have. Happy 23rd Birthday Kyle!
22 August 2007 - Kansas

Very Happy Birthday, Kyle, hope you have a wonderful day with friends and family.

Your protrayal of Henry Fitzroy on Blood Ties is simply AWESOME! I hope you can develop the character for several more seasons!!!
22 August 2007 - Denver, Colorado

Joan Chandler
Happy Birthday!
22 August 2007 - Sunapee, NH, USA

Linda Beth
I hope you have a wonderful birthday. May this year bring you joy and success.
22 August 2007 - Little Rock, Arkansas

Happy Happy Birthday Kyle.My birthday is also on August 24th!!
I hope yours is Blessed and filled with happiness.may you continue to succeed in your career!
22 August 2007 - Virginia

Mike Witherington from YEAH WHATEVER
Happy Birthday Kyle, thanx for lending your time to our "downfall" music video. Hopefully we will be
working together soon on season 2 of "Blood Ties"
22 August 2007 - After forever

Have to say I love Blood Ties. Though living here in Canada, I have so far only seen the pilot (IT WAS AWSOME THOUGH)!!!

Also I would love to wish you a VERY HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY this Friday!!!

Keep up the great work!!!!
22 August 2007 -

Happy Birthday Kyle ! I wish you all the best for your futur!
22 August 2007 - Switzerland

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