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Just wanted to post a message to say that I appreciate all of your hard work on Kyle's page. Can not believe I haven't checked this out before, must be the dino internet connection I have. Again Thanks for all of the hard work, updates, and news. Here's to more terrific acting in the future so there can be lots more material on the page.

Have a great year, Keep it up and perhaps I'll make it down to florida!!
4 February 2008 - Chicago

Webmaster comments  
Thanks - and I can't believe it either!
What were you thinking?
At least your here now - or was ;-)

Yes - more Blood Ties - and see you in Florida.

Heyy webmaster!!

Since you are going to Megacon & Kyle as you know is going & all, it'd be much appreciated if you told him that a 16 year old girl from St. Louis loves him with all her heart & misses seeing Henry every week =// .

Please & Thank You!!

P.S.- I'd really LOVE for you to tell him that, if it's possible that you can remember all of that. =]]
4 February 2008 - St. Louis, Missouri

Webmaster comments  
I guess I better take notes ;-)

I agree completely!!!!!!!
4 February 2008 - america

Webmaster comments  
I guess you're another TV, book and movies vampire lover ;-)

Marion Emery
Kyle I am am old broad of 68 that LOVES BLOOD TIES I hope it will be back on I miss it soooo much you made a great Vampire. read all 3 books so I know there is a lot more material to work with. Best of luck in what ever you do.
Yes i am a Vampire lover books TV shows and movies.
3 February 2008 - MASSACHUSETTS

Webmaster comments  
I was about to tease you and say that there are FIVE books, but then I remembered the omnibus editions ...

Fantastic entertainment on tv. I must be the very first Brazilian girl fan of Blood Ties, although Im living in England @ the moment.Kyle Schmid is a superb actor, extremely talented & one can see he is destined for very big things in the 'movie world'. I understan he is a big fan of soccer. Well, good on him & if any time he needs any tips about the game.I am Brazilian after all.!I wish him the very best in his career.
Love CINA (all the way from Sao Paulo)xx
3 February 2008 - England/Brazil

Webmaster comments  
I think you could very well be - as far as I know, you are :-)
I'm happy for our sakes that he didn't stay with soccer!

sasha smith
dear webmaster sorry about my writing i was looking for kyles phone number do u know it p.s tell kyle i want him home with me by the way bbz meens baby to day i have had a bad day i guess kyle could cheer me up
31 January 2008 - england

Webmaster comments  
No - I don't know Kyle's phone number.
Fortunately he's too sensible to give it to a fan ;-)
Even a very sensible one like me :-D

I hope watching Kyle in Blood Ties can cheer you up?

So I guess the series has been cancelled? Can you tell me for sure. I have been looking for it but haven't seen it as of yet. That would figure though, when a really good series comes on it only lasts a couple of seasons. I would have thought Blood Ties would have come close to Charmed's 8 seasons though. I enjoyed watching it and hope they actually continue the series. Kyle is very hot in this by the way.
30 January 2008 - New York

Webmaster comments  
No - I can't tell you for sure.
The sets have not been destroyed and the actors are ready to go and Kaleidoscope is still trying to sell it.

i personally think kyle should come and visit niagara falls. its really beautiful and i would be massively excited to see him. he is an amazing actor who i think deserves to be in alot more movies. and blood ties should make another season! XD
29 January 2008 - Niagara Falls Ontario

Webmaster comments  
Since he lived nearby, I think he might have visited Niagara plenty of times.
Well - nearby compared to me ;-)

Yes - another season of Blood Ties - DEFINITELY.

kelly berliner
I am so excited to be attending megacon. The blood ties fans will be there in force, supporting their favorite show,and actors. I also am hoping that I have the opportunity to meet the webmaster, just to say "thank you" for such a wonderful and informative site.
28 January 2008 - florida

Webmaster comments  
Me too!
I just need to find a nice red tie to wear so I can be counted as a Blood Ties fan.
I might delurk at the Blood Ties panel ;-)

I think Kyle Schmid is an incredible actor and well beyond his years. I cannot believe he is so young(and sexy). His birthday is a day after mine so I bet we would get along! But it would be a Demi Moore/Ashton K. relationship-lol!

See me if you're ever in the Windy City!
27 January 2008 - Chicago

Webmaster comments  
I thought you needed complementary signs, not identical ones?

hey, me and my friend love kyle so much! blood ties is my favourite show. do you know if there is going to be another series on living in the uk soon?

27 January 2008 - Ireland

Webmaster comments  
Only 22 episodes have been filmed and there's no news of a renewal yet.
Check out the Campaign page and the Support/Save page to learn more.

Just wanted to leave a message for you and Kyle. Firstly love your website keep coming back to learn more about the wonderful Kyle keep up the good work! Secondly just wanted to tell Kyle how great he is in Blood ties I loved the first series and I am keeping my fingers crossed they do another season, I live in the UK and I am gutted they even thought of axing such a great series. Not only are you a great actor you are sooooo horny and playing a vampire makes you even more sexy. Will look forward to watching you in whatever you plan to do next (hopefully playing more of the gorgeous henry!) xx
27 January 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
I love repeat visitors who write in the guest book :-)
Yes, we definitely need more episodes - absolutely no axes permitted near our show!

grace lindsey
Kyle sent me a note & a autographed picture. I realllllly wanna email kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 January 2008 - kansas missouri

Webmaster comments  
That's our sweet Kyle alright :-)
Sorry - no can do on the email.


I loved you in blood ties the most. i really think that you should get with vicky . pleaseee pleaseee dont leave in blood ties it would not be as good with out you in it!!!! The first time i seen the advert i had to watch it and its because of you.Good luke with all of the other filims and tv shows your in .
love jessie
25 January 2008 - england

Webmaster comments  
Don't worry - when/if Blood Ties comes back, Kyle will still be playing Henry.

sasha smith
hi webmaster can u say hi 2 kyle 4 me

i hope u r ok with my typing im a 16 year old girl and i hope kyle loves vodka shots

love from sasha
24 January 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
I'll see him at Megacon, so yes, I can.

As for your typing - sorry, I don't understand all you're writing.

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