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I think Kyle Schmid is an incredible actor and well beyond his years. I cannot believe he is so young(and sexy). His birthday is a day after mine so I bet we would get along! But it would be a Demi Moore/Ashton K. relationship-lol!

See me if you're ever in the Windy City!
27 January 2008 - Chicago

Webmaster comments  
I thought you needed complementary signs, not identical ones?

hey, me and my friend love kyle so much! blood ties is my favourite show. do you know if there is going to be another series on living in the uk soon?

27 January 2008 - Ireland

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Only 22 episodes have been filmed and there's no news of a renewal yet.
Check out the Campaign page and the Support/Save page to learn more.

Just wanted to leave a message for you and Kyle. Firstly love your website keep coming back to learn more about the wonderful Kyle keep up the good work! Secondly just wanted to tell Kyle how great he is in Blood ties I loved the first series and I am keeping my fingers crossed they do another season, I live in the UK and I am gutted they even thought of axing such a great series. Not only are you a great actor you are sooooo horny and playing a vampire makes you even more sexy. Will look forward to watching you in whatever you plan to do next (hopefully playing more of the gorgeous henry!) xx
27 January 2008 - England

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I love repeat visitors who write in the guest book :-)
Yes, we definitely need more episodes - absolutely no axes permitted near our show!

grace lindsey
Kyle sent me a note & a autographed picture. I realllllly wanna email kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 January 2008 - kansas missouri

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That's our sweet Kyle alright :-)
Sorry - no can do on the email.


I loved you in blood ties the most. i really think that you should get with vicky . pleaseee pleaseee dont leave in blood ties it would not be as good with out you in it!!!! The first time i seen the advert i had to watch it and its because of you.Good luke with all of the other filims and tv shows your in .
love jessie
25 January 2008 - england

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Don't worry - when/if Blood Ties comes back, Kyle will still be playing Henry.

sasha smith
hi webmaster can u say hi 2 kyle 4 me

i hope u r ok with my typing im a 16 year old girl and i hope kyle loves vodka shots

love from sasha
24 January 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
I'll see him at Megacon, so yes, I can.

As for your typing - sorry, I don't understand all you're writing.

Kyle Schmid is awesome.
23 January 2008

sasha smith
kyle come and meet me in deal
don't be long love ya bbz u rock
could i have ur augtograph bbz
by the way my name is sasha smith
do u have a girlfriend

Love From Sasha Smith
23 January 2008 - England

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What's bbz?
Go to the contact page to see where you can write to Kyle's manager and ask for an autograph.


Congradulations!!! BLood Ties, cast and crew on your Indie nomination! for best new drama in prime time!!!! You deserve that and so much more, its about time you got the recognition you deserve!!!!!! Odds for return looking better all the time!!!!
22 January 2008 - Cedar Rapids, IA

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Where do we go to vote?

sasha smith
hi kyle 2 day i have had 2 exam tests but i have missed u
how is ur dog hope u r kk i love u hunny bunny when is blood ties back on?

22 January 2008 - ENGLAND

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I hope you did well on your tests!

If you've seen 22 episodes of Blood ties, then you've seen them all, so it would only be re-runs.

OMG u rock my socks off.
u are the ever and blood ties would like not work with out u!!
love ya
19 January 2008 - Ireland

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He's trying, he's trying!

sasha smith
hi kyle how r u 2day i got golden time where the school takes me out 4 the day

love from sasha
18 January 2008 - england

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Golden time - that sounds great!


I just saw the last two episodes of Bloodties and they were great, just hope that they do not leave Vicky crying at the end of the series. You are great as Henry. Tks for the adventure!`
16 January 2008 - Mississasuga, Canada

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I hope they don't leave US crying!

Victoria Short
You are the most amazing actor in the world! There are so many questions I would just love to ask you, it just doesn't seem fit to ask them this way. Anyways I must go for now, I will be talking to you shortly.
15 January 2008 - Moncton NB, Canada

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Questions for Kyle - please use email or do it on Kyle's Korner.

Ann, I wrote another poem for Kyle and my homegirls over at Heyneilsen begged me to bring it here!!

So here goes, hope you all like it and Kyle too!!!

"Never Forget"

You've been so gracious to have given yourself, to us fan's you are the most fascinating version of wealth! We fight for you always, through good and despair, why do we keep fighting, because we care. Your kindness and attention has touched us all and that, love, is why its not so hard to fall! The time that you give us is precious and sweet, the man that's inside you no other can compete. Lift up your heart as your journey shines through, and never forget that your fan's love you!!!
14 January 2008 - Cedar rapids, IA

Webmaster comments  
Well said Mary!

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