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Happy Birthday, Kyle! Hope you had a great day and it's followed by an amazing year!
27 August 2007 - Milford, Ontario

Happy Birthday Kyle!! I hope you had a great day! You are an amazing actor! You can bring so much to a character, make them seem so real! I find myself believing that vampires do exist and I feel everything you do. You are an inspiration!
You rock!!
26 August 2007 - Wisconsin

Annalaise duChat
Hey Kyle,

I hope you had a GREAT Birthday. You should have dropped by gypsy's on Friday! What a bash! I think ms.gypsy lost her deposit on the virtual party room, we totally trashed it. I don't know who brought that darn monkey but he broke the chandelier. Our Ms. Claire, (what a hottie) who celebrates her birthday on the same day as you is still partying. That chat room was smokin'. Tanya Huff even stopped by.

Anyway, we still have a couple of cases of Guinness and some Bacardi mix floating around so if you're ever in the area feel free to pop in.

Annalaise duChat & The Friends of MsGypsy's Blog
26 August 2007 - msgypsydotwordpressdotcom

A very happy birthday to a gifted actor who has a charisma, presence, and sense of self way beyond his years. You have only just begun!

Always Keep Smiling! ;-)

25 August 2007 - Glenview, IL

I hope your day was a good one. I am still partying. Hope you are too
Ti Amo
25 August 2007 - Vernon CT USA

Peter Mohan
Happy Birthday Kyle! May you have 450 more of them too.
25 August 2007 - Toronto

Wishing you the best birth day you could have. Can't wait for the new season to start.
24 August 2007 - USA

Happy Birthday Kyle!!! I hope it is the best yet.

I love Blood Ties and am anxiously awaiting it return in October. Seems like forever. Keep up the awesome job as Henry. You make him come alive and to be perfectly honest in my opinion, you make him one the most loveable Vampires I've seen in modern times.
24 August 2007 - Cypress, Texas

J Andreas*en (AlisaSG)
You are truly a genuine *inspiration* to many - who have seen your heart and soul being poured into Henry's character on "Blood Ties" - as well as elsewhere in your multi-talented work
(BT's "HEART OF FIRE" was amazing).
I firmly believe you will excel at your goals and achievements, wherever they lead you.

Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY/year filled with great and wonderous blessings.

ps-- awesomely woven across the *vast tapestry* of our universe and transcending beyond time itself, you also have a very lovely middle name *Andreas*. ;-)

Julie Andreasen
( AlisaSG on msgypsy's blogs )
24 August 2007 - northern NJ, USA

Mary Johnson
Happy BIrthday, Kyle, I hope you have a wonderful day, and that all of your fans are wishing you lots of fun and happiness today and always.

We love you You are one of a kind!!!!!!
24 August 2007 - Cedar Rapids IA

Happy Birthday!! Have a GREAT day!!! :0)
24 August 2007 - California

Happy Birthday Kyle.

I am loving you on Blood Ties and can't wait for the new season to begin. Wishing you all the happiness that this day can bring and much success in the future
24 August 2007

Xiomalis Curet
Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Enjoy your special day to the fullest and remember: The party is not complete without the Guiness! ;-)
24 August 2007 - Miami, FL

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!Can't wait for Blood Ties to come back on tv soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 August 2007

kelly (brrwsklly)
hey i've just looked through your new kyle schmid site and it's so awesome i love it as much as i love bloodtiescentral.
24 August 2007 - sheffield,england

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