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OH my GOD Kyle, that is too cool.

Love the show, so far can't wait to see more!!!
5 September 2007 - Chatham, Ontario, Canada

Happy belated birthday Kyle! I hope you had a really fantabulous day! I'm not-so-patiently waiting for Blood Ties to return.
5 September 2007 - Dallas, Texas

So great of you to drop in and say thanks Kyle.don't worry about missing our Birthday Party.I second what Annalaise said.we here at Ms.Gypsys would gladly throw you another one.I wish you much love and continued success! and really hope that we are all graced by continuing to see you every week as Henry Fitzroy!
5 September 2007 - Virginia

Happy Birthday Kyle!! I wish you many many more and much success!!!
5 September 2007 - USA


Happy belated Birthday, I do hope that you had a killer day you deserve all that and more. I'll have a pint of Guiness in your honor. We miss seeing you so we hope to see more of you really soon.

Take care of yourself and keep smiling that amazing smile. You Rock!
5 September 2007 - Chicago

Wow! Kyle you are so sweet. How nice of you to leave a message for us. Your party we had for you was a blast. You would have had a banging good time. I look forward to seeing your projects in the future.

One of your fans from Ms Gypsys blog
5 September 2007 - United States Connecticut

Annalaise duChat
Hi Kyle,

Don't worry about missing the party, if you ever decide to drop in, we'll throw another one in your honor. The door's always open.

Love you back!
Annalaise duChat & The Friends of MsGypsy's Blog
4 September 2007 - msgypsydotwordpressdotcom

Well, how great to follow after the man of the hour, Kyle
Kyle, hope that your birthday was everything you wanted and more. As you can see ~ you are a beloved actor to many as your role as Henry Fitroy has stirred emotions in many and not to mention passion in so many more!

Keep up the good work, and from all of us over at gypsy's we do hope that we will be seeing many more seasons of you as our favorite vamp. You have given us a common thread in which many of us have formed great lasting friendships - so I thank you for that.

We hope that many great acting opportunities come your way, but we sincerely hope that you will grace us weekly with your Henryness for years to come. God bless!
4 September 2007 - Heart of Dixie - Birmingham, AL

Wow I'm speechless Hehehe he replied Well I'm glad and I hope he does it more often. Great Site Anne and happy Belated B-day Kyle.
4 September 2007 - Pittsburgh

Happy Belated Birthday Kyle. I hope that you enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing you in another season of Blood Ties I never miss you . I have seen alot of vampire shows and you make Henry by far the best one that i have seen. And i am anxiously awaiting your next film.

Have a Wonderful day today and every day.
4 September 2007 - stillwater, ok USA

Kyle Schmid
I'd like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. I've only just been online here. And I'm speechless. Thank you all for you kind words and wishes. To all of you who set a guiness aside for me as well.CHEERS. For those who I know in person, I miss you all very much. I look forward to seeing you again. For those I don't know, I look forward to meeting you. Thank you so much.

Much love,

P.S.I feel like a just blew a great surprise party.
4 September 2007 - Toronto, Canada

Webmaster comments  
We feel exactly the same way - we miss you and look forward to seeing you on TV :-)

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Kyle. I hope to see you in another season of Blood Ties, and any new movie that comes your way.
1 September 2007 - Kansas, USA

I know its late but Happy b-day.I am older! If you ever go to Colorado look me up.its fun here. Have fun with your film career and maybe I will be your chef someday.
1 September 2007 - Ft.Collins, CO

Happy be-lated Birthday Kyle. I hope it was a blast. You rock as Henry Fitzroy. I'm addicted to Blood Ties and I've only seen the first two episodes so far! Keep up the great work, you're beautiful!
31 August 2007 - Alberta, Canada

Kevin VanHook
Happy Birthday, bud! Hope you're doing well and enjoying life. It was great working with you and I look forward to us doing another project down the road!
28 August 2007 - Hollywood, Ca

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