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Happy belated birthday very late I am afraid. But I just wanted to say it anyways and I really enjoy a lot of the acting you have done in different movies and shows.
11 September 2007 - Ohio, USA

Happy very-belated birthday Kyle, unfortunately I missed yours as I was celebrating my own a couple of days beforehand ^^ but I hope you had a great time! xx
10 September 2007 - Midlands, England

Eva Guidocci
Hi Kyle. I hope you had a great birthday and were able to spend some time with family and friends, as I can't begin to imagine how busy you are. I had the privilege of watching my first episode of Blood Ties the other day and I must say that at first I wasn't sure I would like it and now I can't stop watching it, it's addicting. Lol. It's easy to tell from the show that you all have good chemistry and enjoy what you do. I hope the show continues to grow and wish you all success. I expect to see you in many more shows and movies to come because you seem like a very hard working individual and very down to earth and of course you are Canadian. It would be a pleasure to meet you someday, so you'll have to let me know if you'll be filming anything in Toronto because I would love to see it. Keep in touch and hope to hear from you soon.
Eva Guidocci
9 September 2007 - Sault Ste. Marie, ON

hi kyle sorry its so short but happy birthday and i hope you had a great day
i cant wait till i see the next episode of blood ties any way hope you have much succcess
9 September 2007 - England / march

Thanks so much for your response. We've missed seeing you and are counting the days until Blood Ties airs in the States again. We're also hoping to see many more seasons of Blood Ties. We wish you the best with Blood Ties and any other ventures you may take on.

Anytime you want to attend a virtual party in your honor, please let Ms. Gypsy's blog know. We'll be there for you.
7 September 2007 - Cocoa, Florida

A very Happy belated Birthday to you Kyle! The 3 of us at Bloodlines are hoping you had the best of Birthdays and are counting the days til Oct 12 when we can see you again as the rest of the season 1 episodes air. We are working and hoping like anything to see you and the rest of the wonderful cast back for a season 2 next year.

May you have many great Birthdays ahead of you and see you on Lifetime!

Barbi, Jessie and Marie
Bloodlines: Blood Ties Website
7 September 2007 - California

I thought that it would be really rather too late to wish you an extremely belated happy birthday, so a Guiness set aside will have to suffice. Wishing you every continued success with Blood Ties and any future ventures. xx
7 September 2007 - Surrey, England

WoW - How nice of you to leave a message for us. Thank you!Kyle you are so sweet. The party we had for you was a blast. You would have had a banging good time. I look forward to seeing your projects in the future. I'm sure that many great acting opportunities will come your way, but we sincerely hope you will continue to grace us weekly (soon) as Henry Fitzroy! and for years to come. I wish you much love and continued success!
6 September 2007 - Maryland

Thank you Kyle so much for your response!! It's good to know that you know how much you are loved and that we are all behind you waiting for more Henry! It's also nice to see that you are in Canada!! Hopefully taping more Blood Ties!!!
Thanks again!!
6 September 2007 - Wisconsin

Beth (DIZEY!) (Tanya and Gypsy's Crew)
Hey Kyle,

Very cool of you to take the time out of your busy schedule to drop a line. As you already know we love Blood Ties and I'm taking it as a good sign that you're up there instead of down here with us ;-) Power of positive thinking and all so we'll get many more seasons of our newest obsession.

Thanx for being so down to earth and a really nice guy. Keep up the great work although you make it look so easy . We love Ya! and are eagerly awaiting Henry's return.

Missed you at the party, maybe next one. Oh BTW I'll save you a couple of pints ! ( Guinness not Blood)

We love Ya' , and Stay Cool!

6 September 2007 - NEW ORLEANS, LA.

Hey, Kyle!

Wow! Thanks for replying to all of us. It's great to see that you care about your fans the way you do.

I hope you had an AMAZING birthday! My friends and I celebrated in your honor in our own special way. You should have been there! LOL

Can't wait to see that amazing smile of yours on TV again!

Lots Of Love,
6 September 2007 - Ogden, Utah

Kyle, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. It was so nice for you to respond. I LOVE you in Blood Ties! I also have watched a lot of vamp shows, you have really made Henry come alive. keep up the great work.

6 September 2007 - GA

Mary J and Mindy Crosby

Thank you for your comments back to us, you are so appreciated and all of us are pulling for a season three of Blood Ties. We think you are one of the greats to grace our hearts in a long time.

Love Mary J, and Mindy
5 September 2007 - Cedar Rapids, IA and Ogden Utah

Happy Birthday Kyle!! Hope you had a great day!

I so look forward to seeing another year of Blood Ties, I love how you play the character of Henry!
5 September 2007 - Edmonton AB

I will gladly help with food and decorations for that party. LOL. I'm so touched and honored that Kyle responded. Just goes to show the kind of man he is. Kyle, you are the best, I hope you do decide to stop by again. We, as i'm sure you could tell, would all love to have you. And I hope you had an amazing birthday. MUAH.
5 September 2007 - Bronx, NY

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