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Sasha Smith
hi webmaster

i can get kyle two tickets for an airoplane to england saturday in kent tommorrow tell kyle my exams went very well i hope he is ok and i hope he has a nice easter

love sasha smithxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
14 March 2008 - england deal kent

Webmaster comments  
Sorry, but Kyle Schmid is not available for house calls.

sasha smith
hi webmaster

tuesday i had my maths exam please tell kyle i said hello also please tell kyle i think he should live at my house he would like my nice hot cup of teas in the morning

love sasha
13 March 2008 - england

Webmaster comments  
Good luck with your exams.
I think Kyle prefers his own house - it's much closer to work.
Living in your house would mean a killer commute.

For Kyle:

Sorry I missed you at the convention, but here is a gift from me to you!!

"Epic Love"
I read the words upon your face
they tell me of honesty, truth and grace
from hard cold eyes to soft blue seas
anger will fade and bring pleasure to please
Locks of bright red all layered and flowing
fall around a face soft and glowing
the heart on the sleeve that searches for home
the touch on my skin tells me I'm not alone
the whisper of breath on the curve of my shoulder
helps me lose fear of getting older
come, my love, and let me know true
the beautiful wonder of all of you!!
11 March 2008 - Cedar rapids IA

Webmaster comments  
Hi Mary,
Thanks for posting your poem.

can you please tell me the theme music to blood ties and is it available to purchase also who sings in it.
11 March 2008 - united kingdom

Webmaster comments  
The theme song is called "Live Forever" and is sung by Tamara Rhodes with music and lyrics by James Jandrisch.
Unfortunately it's not available to purchase - you can only listed to it on youtube (I have the youtube file on the music page at BloodTiesCentral (dot) com

melissa herrin
I just wanted to let all the actors of blood ties know that we are fighting for the show and we will not give up. This show is phenomenal. Lifetime needs to renew it and fast. I think everyone is going through withdrawls. I enjoy the characters and the plot of the show. Lifetime needs to give this show and its characters the justice that it deserves. We need some news on the show please. Also wanted to say hello to dylan, kyle, and christina. You guys are wonderful. Keep up the great work.
10 March 2008 - Normal, IL

Webmaster comments  
I couldn't agree more.

Hi Anne:

I saw the pics you put up on the set visit to BT and I love all of them. He seems so warm and sweet in the photos with you and the others. I still write poems for him but I post them daily on Hey Neilsen if you would like to see them. they are under mfitzroy in the Kyle opinions. he just continues to inspire me from the heart. I hope that you had a great time at megacon and that the convention turn out helps us get renewed. take care and tell Kyle I said hello and wish I could have met him.
9 March 2008 - Cedar rapids, IA

Webmaster comments  
I'll go check your poems on HeyNielsen.
And I definitely had a wonderful time at MegaCon - it was great meeting Kyle and Dylan again - and meeting some very nice Blood Ties for the first time.

Jennifer Gerber

I had read on the message board that you attended Megacon. I was wondering if that is the case and were you going to post pictures of the event on the website? Also, if you did get the opportunity to speak with Kyle and Dylan has there been any news regarding the renewal of the show?
9 March 2008 - USA

Webmaster comments  
Yes, I attended MegaCon :-) but I can't update the website until I get home, which will be late Wednesday - sorry.
Oh - lots of people asked Dylan and Kyle that question, but unfortunately they didn't have any news.

Jennifer - go to the forum at Kyle's Korner and check the Save Blood Ties section - there are plans afoot for March 11, celebrating the one year anniversary of the premierer of BT by sending lots of emails.

hi kyle,

I've just watched the entire blood ties series on dvd please tell me you are going to do another series it was fantastic.
7 March 2008 - united kingdom

Webmaster comments  
Nobody knows.
And if they do, they ain't telling.
We're hoping to hear any day.

Hello everyone!
I need some help, I need the subtitles for Blood TIes-English- for Season 2 Episode 9 We'll meet again and ep10 Deep Dark
Thank you so so much
(here's my email too if you want to email me the links)
6 March 2008 - Nicosia, Cyprus

Webmaster comments  
I don't have them, and email responses are disabled to prevent spam, so nobody will be able to see your email address except me - sorry.

Anne, I love the pics that you added from your Blood Ties set visit. They are great! Did Kyle know that you were snapping away at him? LOL.
5 March 2008 - USA

Webmaster comments  
He knew I was lurking about with my camera, but since I didn't use flash, it wasn't really obvious when I snapped a picture.

And he has okayed the gallery so I guess he didn't mind ;-)

I've recently viewed Lifetime's website and I distinctly recall reading that BTs has been approved for a 2nd and/or ten new episodes(?). I hope that I am correct. I rarely watch LT but BTs has increased my appreciation for the channel. Let's hope the executives have finally realized that they were about to loose a "gem", I live in Florida (not too far from Orlando) and considered attending the "Megacon" but I'd probably drown in an ocean of EXTREMELY devoted fans (judging from some of the comments on this website). Wow!!!! I hope that anyone who attends has fun; especially, our BT guest stars but (ladies) try to take it easy on Kyle (smile) We want our "gem" to remain polished and prepared for the new BTs season! Enjoy.
4 March 2008 - Florida

Webmaster comments  
That second season/10 new episodes was what Lifetime called it when they split up the first season in two - first part 12 episodes and second part 10 episodes. The first season was originally 22 episodes, and that's how it's listed on the official website at bloodtiestv(dot)com

So unfortunately, we're still waiting to hear whether more episodes will be filmed.

Don't worry - I'm sure MegaCon will take good care of Kyle ;-)

sasha smith
hi webmaster please ask kyle to e-mail me as i need to talk to him

love sasha
4 March 2008 - england dover

Webmaster comments  
Hi Sasha,
I don't give out Kyle's email to fans, and I don't think he does either, sorry.

Greetings from Hungary! Kyle and the others are great actors and the crew's work is awsome. It's a pity that this show doesn't get more money to develop the film effects, so I think it's respectable, that Blood Ties is better than some other series which spend a lot of money to advertise, and use the modernest effects, but has nothing to show.
2 March 2008 - Hungary

Webmaster comments  
I think it's impressive what they can create on their budget.
Not that I know what it is, but it's sure to be lower than a series filmed in the US.

Antoinette M. Rose
I wanted to know does Kyle read his mail and maybe send a general thank you through your messege board\. If not I hope he does I would like to know if he like the poem I sent.
1 March 2008 - Baltimore, Maryland

Webmaster comments  
Kyle has only posted in the guest book once, never on the forum.
I know he has sometimes included personal thank yous to letters sent to his manager/Kaleidoscope.

Eva Carranza
hey webmistress! (kyle too)
Hold onto your man.only wished they were more hotties like him in my part of florida. No offense but he just oozes sensuality.I would so go naughty librarian on him *if he was single and lived nearby* enjoy!!! Keep us updated on Blood series!!!
28 February 2008 - Tally, FL

Webmaster comments  
Sadly, he's not mine to hold on to - but I'm sure security at MegaCon will hold on to him.
I'll definitely post any Blood Ties news I learn.

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