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Hey, just wanted to finally stop in and put in my .02 Cents! I absolutely love Blood Ties, and Kyle did an amazing job playing Henry! I certainly hope we get to see more! Keeping the faith!
30 April 2008 - Delaware

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Oh - I'm quite religious regarding Blood Ties.

Nice page, nice guy, cute dog (my dogīs my baby too :) and itīs unbelievable that Kyle Schmid is one year younger than me. I canīt believe it. Iīm really getting old i guess :))

Greetings from Vienna, Austria
29 April 2008 - Vienna, Austria

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I'd rather not tell you how many years younger Kyle is than me ;-)

I really enjoy the series Blood ties its interesting because TV usually sucks. I have to say Kyle is a good actor and he is yummy too. I think he will be the next Brad Pitt. His eyes are amazing.
22 April 2008 - USA-MI

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Since Kyle played a vampire he had to suck - but Blood Ties the series didn't ;-)


I am so into blood ties it has been one of those progrmmes where I get so into it. I think Kyle does the character of Henry justice.

Im going to be one of millions maybe billions of people who are going to be so heart broken if they do not continue the series, it doesn't matter how many seasons it turns into. they have started so they should finish all of the books that Tanya Huff wrote.

As tax payers across the world pay for TV networks to come up with good quality viewing - they should not be allowed to let us down in this way. it has happened too many times before. that winds me up!

Don't the actors of these shows have any influence over the shows they work on, knowing their fan base is so large?

Anyway, Kyle you're such a hottie! shame there are few like you, who give us girls something to dream about x
20 April 2008 - Torquay, Devon, UK

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Tracy - it would be lovely if the actors could influence the renewal of a series - but that's only a dream.
A beautiful dream.

Krystal Vander Tuig
I have to say that I love Kyle!! He's so darn hot and adorable! I want blood ties back too and I keep watching the episodes I have over and over. I also like his movie zerophiliac. It's different but it has Kyle and it's funny. So glad he has a fan site. Should have had one a long time ago. He's awesome and I hope he's keeping it real! Love ya Kyle!
18 April 2008 - Davenport

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He has had a fan site for two years ;-)
Not this one - this is only 8 months old.

The first episode aired in the UK on 11 April and I thought it was brilliant, so much so that I have already bought the complete series on DVD and watched all 22 episodes! The chemistry between Vicky and Henry, and the tension between Henry and Mike just gets better. I was looking on the internet for news of a second series and was really surprised to find that there isn't going to be one. I think this is where we are quite lucky in the UK, TV companies are more willing to let characters grow over a couple of series before pulling the plug if its not hitting the ratings. (Thank goodness for that or we might not of got a second series of Torchwood).
18 April 2008 - Birmingham, England

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On Virgin 1 that is - the complete series has already aired on Living.

Well, they haven't actually uttered the words that the series is canceled, so there's a fan campaign running that is trying to help persuade "The Powers that Be" that more episodes would be a good idea, so there's still hope.

Sarah A. Dauzat
I just wanted to say like so many other females her that I love Kyle Schmid! I want Blood Ties to come back on as soon as possible! I miss seeing him so much that I will put on my DVD The Covenant. I'm going to write a fan letter to him soon and I pray that he will find the time to answer it. I would like to wish him luck with his goal and to say that i'm an animal lover 2!
15 April 2008 - Pineville, Louisiana, USA

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Sometime this summer, you should be able to put your Blood Ties DVDs on.
Good luck with your fan letter.

Great site. Kyle is a very good actor and I look forward to seeing him in Joy Ride 2. I'm not holding my breath for Blood Ties to return, but it would be awesome because that show was one of my faves, I even rate it above smallville. I like that Kyle is Canadian too :-)
13 April 2008 - BC, Canada

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Good - because I prefer that all Blood Ties fans keep on breathing ;-)
It would TOTALLY be awesome to have BT return, and they haven't come out yet and said it's canceled, so we keep on hoping.

i heard blood ties is going for a 2nd season
but it might be a romor
8 April 2008 - GA

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Nobody knows about more episodes being filmed, sorry.
The confusion is because Lifetime split the first 22 episodes in two, calling them season one and two, when they were just intended to be one season of 22 episodes.

I'm so happy))))))))) Congratulate me!!! I finally bought BT on DVD!!!!!!!! Yep, it's the happiest moment of my life!!!! =)

The next happiest moment would be if they film the second season.
28 March 2008 - Moscow

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Congratulations to you!
Enjoy your new DVDs.

I have always loved vampire shows and movies. I have seen many actors play a vampire. I thought that David Borenez was the most sexiest vamp until I watched Bloodties. Kyle is definitely more sexier. I would love to be turned by him.
20 March 2008 - b.c canada

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Kyle only turns heads ;-)

O my gosh why did they stop shooting bloodties anyways is it because of the writers strike.
Does kyle have a girlfriend
20 March 2008

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Blood Ties was written by Canadians - the strike was in the US, so that had nothing to do with it.


Dana ~ v ~
I can honestly say that your fine acting skills truly electrified the small screen. Your, Dylan ,Christina and Ginas abilities to so flawlessly play off one anothers characters "sparked" the chemistry that so many became addicted too!

The writers perfectly placed "one Liners" were delivered beautifully each time.

I truly hope for all of us ( Fans ) someone comes to their senses and quickly snaps this "GEM" up.BEFORE you get snapped up and under contract elsewhere!
16 March 2008 - Florida ( the Hot as Hades state ! )

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Well, Firefly was cancelled, so I have stopped expecting sense from TV networks.

jessica abrante
hey i just wanted to say that you are my favorite actor and you are my inspiration, i hope u write back and we are going to see alot more u in the future!!!
15 March 2008

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Yes - more Kyle - and preferably in Blood Ties.

You will have to write a letter to Kyle Schmid (address on the contact page) - he doesn't respond here or on email.

Well im not gonna say i love Kyle but he is so sexi. I love blood ties , could you please ask him if theres gonna be another season of blood ties because they just left us hanging. No matter the outcome he's the best.
15 March 2008 - Atlanta GA

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We asked both Kyle and Dylan last weekend at MegaCon, and neither of them knew whether there will be more episodes. They are waiting to hear like the rest of us.

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