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Well done Kyle. Loved your appearance on CSI: Miami!!!!
15 October 2007 - Chatham, Ontario, Canada

its the weekend after the premier and i m wondering when lifetime will start advertizing the show more. many are blaming the media and others about not knowing when it premiered. but other than that .sorry im a downer. have you guys watched the chat i thought it was good. the show this friday was fresh not that much demonic stuff going on. i d like to see where the show goes. how many movies is kyle staring in? i heard like 3. hope so bye!
14 October 2007 - texas

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Sorry - I don't understand your question. Kyle's movies are listed on the filmography page and his roles are various sizes - but definitely more than three.

season two in the us is startiing today! can't wait for it! happy late birthday and happy halloween kyle!
12 October 2007 - washington

claire h
I just wanted to say how much i love Blood Ties and what a brilliant actor Kyle is. I love the chemistry between Kyle and Christina, the show has so much potential and i hope that it continues. I wish Kyle every success for the future, he has a great career ahead of him.

Ps.Kyle is gorgeous, i love his cute smile :-)
11 October 2007 - london,england

hey i don't know if Kyle actually reads these lol and i love reading obsessive fan comments and just let you know im not one of them! (an obessive fan that is). Even though like any of the girls i would be honoured if i ever got the chance to meet you.

just posting to say that you are a terrific actor and, as an aspiring actress myself, would love to get as far as your have already. Your going to be big Kyle! many wishing for the future and good luck! we're all supporting you.
Xx claire
10 October 2007 - Aussie

in the guestbook why is there green arrow under the comments?
8 October 2007 - New York

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On the Kyle's Korner comments, the green arrow is just there to separate the comments.

Cali is absolutely adorable:-) I can see why she's Kyle's pride and joy!

Anne, where did you get that pic??
3 October 2007 - Michigan

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Sources ;-)

laurel ( from ms.gypsy's)
It is good to know there are still some true gentlemen left in the world. I hope we get many more chances to see you play Henry Fitzroy, you really seam to understand the character that Tanya first brought to us. I wish you much success, and a year of great joys.
2 October 2007 - Portland, Oregon

kyle you are a fabulous actor I love all your characters and you are super hot HOT keep up all the good work.
1 October 2007 - VA

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Even the nasty ones?

Kyle looks so hot on blood ties!!
i can't wait unti Oct.7 when blood ties comes back on
"in the US"

who's the person who made this website anyway?
28 September 2007 - Georgia

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I think Blood Ties returns on October, Friday 12th ...

This website (and BloodTiesCentral) is made by Anne, a fan in Denmark.

marie wallace
Hi Kyle just late happy birthday from a slightly older fan

Just so you know you are SOOOO HOTT watching blood ties in about 1 hour can't wait you play henry really well when i read the books i was so picturing you

keep up the good work

love marie
27 September 2007 - england

Just stopping by to say "hi" and congrats to another season of "Blood Ties" (from an "older lady" who still has it goin' on. Well, I have something going on.not sure what it is.but it feels okay.I think). :-)

Loved the interview.loved hearing Anne's name mentioned.loved the glasses.was greatly amused by the man doing the interview. He was funny and humorous. :-)
26 September 2007 - Missouri, USA

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Not to mention silly and giggly ;-)

Hello Kyle !

I Am One Of The Older Lady Fans 47 *Wink =)
I Love Your Acting And I Hope You Had A Wonderful Birthday!
And I Just Want To Say I Only Wish You The Best With BloodTies
And Other Acting Jobs That Come Your Way!
You're Headed To The Top Kyle Schmid "Love The Movies" Also!
Best Wishes,
Vickie In USA Florida
26 September 2007 - USA Florida

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Older ladies have great taste ;-)

i love kyle!
he is a hottie because of he's smile and that hot body!!!!

How you doin'
22 September 2007

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Fine, thank you.

U r so awesome!U r my favorite actor!
20 September 2007 - Bainbridge,Georgia

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Jessica - you have GREAT taste ;-)

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