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thanks for commenting on my last comment, but i just wanted to know something.
i have a bebo account, i was curiously searching for my friends, when i came across 5 peoples accounts and they all had the name of Kyle Schmid. Does Kyle have Bebo?
Is Kyle 24 ish???
sorry thats invading Kyle's personal Profile,i take that back . anyway ill say it again this site totally Rocks! well done!
24 October 2007 - Manchester England

Webmaster comments  
Kyle Schmid turned 23 on August 24.
He doesn't have any online presences - no myspace, no facebook, no bebo. There are other young men named Kyle Schmid who might have, but the actor Kyle Schmid doesn't. Some people like to pretend they are actor Kyle Schmid and even uses his photo in their profile. They are all fakes.

J'adore Kyle! He's a great actor! I wish the best to him and his career! I hope Megacon comes to Chicago because I will be the first one in line to meet him!

I adored him in Traveling pants and cheetah girls now I sit every Friday nite or Tivo him--my hubby actually is jealous! LOL

23 October 2007 - Chicago

Webmaster comments  
I think MegaCon is a Florida thing - but you can definitely contact conventions in the Chicago area and suggest that they invite Kyle.

Try biting your husband - that might make him appreciate vampire shows ;-)
Or try the persuasive vampire voice ....

Yea I've been trying to catch all the episodes since they still play the show here in Canada. It's hard though. So far, I've only missed oh. SIX episodes? Ahahaha yeah I know, that's quite a few. But I'm trying! Really! And they don't repeat them on Fridays. So I end up missing those since I go to school =/. Yes, I don't have a life cause I watch reruns of a kiddie show from 7/8 years ago LOL. But hey, I'm trying to help out a bit lol. Even if I asked her dad, I doubt he'd remember every episode Kyle was in. So I guess it's all just up to me and my faulty episode watching skills? So far I've got him down for episodes 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15. Maybe somone could assist me on this?? The show's schedule often conflicts with mine, which is why it's soooo hard to do this lol. I even tried durring the summer break. But I only caught on by the end of the series. And now I've totally forgotten the episodes. Wow, I feel like I've wasted my life lol.
23 October 2007 - Toronto

Webmaster comments  
Thanks for the info.
What station does it air on? I might try having a friend in Canada record some episodes for me. It would be great to have some images from the episodes.
Feel free to email me the details.

Hey it's me again! Aahahaha yea it's weird actually. And I actually have TWO connections, now that I think about it. My classmate's father (Julian Richings) actually worked with Kyle on the TV series "I Was A Sixth Grade Alien". Not trying to brag, but I just picked up on that after seeing him on the show. It's reaaally weird. Almost kinda makes me feel stalker. LOL shirts? Hmm I dunno. Man I can't wait to see the episode of Blood Ties that just passed! Even though I can catch it here in Canada, I like to watch ahead. But shhhh don't tell! ;)
22 October 2007 - Toronto

Webmaster comments  
If you should happen to talk with your classmate's father - yeah, right - I'm looking for info about how many episodes Kyle was in ...
I think stalking-after-the-fact is acceptable ;-)

I am seeing all the news about California under fire. hope Kyle and friends are okay. I also hope that he responds to more questions in his Korner.
LOVE this website!
22 October 2007 - USA

Webmaster comments  
I hope Kyle and friends are safe too - and I'm ALL for more responses.
Indeed, this website is very lovable ;-)

Hi, webmaster!
Thank U for your work =). It touches when somebody answers and yr speech isn't fading in web.

btw, would U like me to translate yr site to Russian language? Blood ties are quite popular over here but there's no good fan sites for young people. At all. I don't speak about smth official. Nothing.
btw, i can't find soundtracks to bloodties anywhere: as in english nets, as in russian. what a pity for people who love by ears ;). - Russian saying about women, yr audience =).
thanx =).
22 October 2007 - Russia

Webmaster comments  
I love feedback and and I figure people who post in guestbooks do too ;-)
Translating the site? You mean BloodTiesCentral? Or?
Thank you for your offer - I will think about it and let you know.
There has been no Blood Ties soundtrack released yet - maybe there will be. In the meantime, many of the links on the BTC music page leads to places where you can play some of the songs. I discovered several nice ones when I did research for the page.

I watch Blood ties on Living TV every Thursday and i think its fantastic! Kyle fits the role of Henry amazingly well, no one else could do it better than him. Dont tell him, but i think Kyle's extremely cute!

hats off to who ever created this site, it Rocks. well done and i hope Kyle's career goes on fabulously. If Blood ties comes out on DVD it will be on my Birthday Wishlist!

From Kyle's number one fan in England!!
21 October 2007 - Manchester, England

Webmaster comments  
Don't worry, I'll keep your secret ;-)
And thanks - glad you like.

Sadly I've only watch one episode of Blood Ties =(.because the two days that they air it on Citytv i have lessons.and i don't have the Lifetime channel.anyways ya I only saw one episode of it and love it!.hope this show come out on DVD so i can watch from the first episode!!!!=) Ahhha! I think Kyle fits the role of Henry PERFECTLY! =D I heard some rumors that the show wont go on for that much longer but I do really hope it's just a rumor!
Anyways I hope to watch bloodties soon enough and good luck with the show!!!!!!!!!!!=D
20 October 2007 - North York

Webmaster comments  
Do you have the Space Channel?
As far as I know, Blood Ties WILLL be out on DVD sometime in 2008.

Woah I just realized something. My Dramatic Arts teacher (Neville Edwards) has [kinda] worked with Kyle. It was on that episode of Odyssey 5 called "Vanishing Point". They didnít share any scenes but hey, they starred in the same episode. My teacher was in the first 27 seconds of the show, while Kyle was in the like last 27 LOL. Oh and youíre welcome for the article, just a small contribution to the website! Glad to have helped :) Keep up the great work!
19 October 2007 - Toronto

Webmaster comments  
Your own six degrees of Kevin Bacon - but in fewer degrees :-)
Now which messages should we get on our t-shirts?

I have seen you on the first season Blood Ties, It was a fantastic show and you were a great actor. And now I little bit saw you on the blood ties the second season, but I never get to watch the whole thing because my mother wasn't interested this kind of the show. But I will watching you this friday night the whole thing
18 October 2007 - Toledo,Ohiio

Webmaster comments  
Glad to hear that you will be able to catch up.


I am upset that BT might be cancelled if the ratings don't pick up after this next season. So I am writing to tell you, Christina, and Dylan, that we are figthing non stop in the campaign to keep it going strong. we love the show so much. and YOU, Christina, Dylan and Gina, just get better and better. I am also contacting other stations in an effort to save it if Lifetime drops it. Thak you for bringing all of us together.

we love you!!!
17 October 2007 - Cedar rapids IA

Webmaster comments  
Keep up the good work!

Anne,Merci beaucoupe! for the great CSI shot! I told you I'd be over here in a minute LOL!!
I only wish he had been on the screen longer than three minute,as I'm sure everyone else does!
Ahh those baby blues! Kyle continued success to you! We love you!

Do feel free to drop in to Ms.Gypsys anytime,hope you enjoyed the birthday gift!
16 October 2007 - Virginia USA

Webmaster comments  
You're welcome ;-)

Here's a little article I found in one of my city's free daily newspapers.
16 October 2007 - Toronto

Webmaster comments  
Thanks so much for the interview Kelly.
I'll post it in the media section instead soon - makes it easier to find later on.
HA - he DOES use great moisturizer!

Kyle was sooo hot in CSI last night. I was a little disappointed that we only got to see him for a few minutes but it was worth it just to see him. Awesome as always. And I love the scruffy look.
16 October 2007 - Latrobe, PA

Webmaster comments  
Yeah - I too wish he'd had a few more scenes - or A LOT more scenes!

Kyle guest starred on "CSI: Miami" the other day. I believe the episode was entitled "Bang, Bang, Your Debt" (Episode 4 of Season 6). He only had a minor role as the victim's ex-boyfriend and only briefly appeared on the show [for interrogation and such].
16 October 2007 - Toronto

Webmaster comments  
He looked great though.
I've posted an image in the gallery.

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