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angel eyes alexis
hi i was wongering if you can give me a adress where i can send kyle a message because id love to talk to him. because i realize he gets a lot of emails so i hope writing would be more natural.

thanx always alexis

ps do you know if he's coming to illinios soon
17 June 2008 - palatine, ill usa

Webmaster comments  
There are addresses for sending letters to Kyle on the contact page of the site.

Kyle is scheduled to do four Jumpcon conventions, and even though there's a Jumpcon in Chicago, August 29 - 31, he's not scheduled for that. You need to check the convention page in case more are added.

halo well all i want to say is i love blood ties i hope thter will be another season and you have a great job potraying the vampire i love the mannerism you have done of a man of that period
14 June 2008 - India

Webmaster comments  
The chance of another season is very, very slim - sorry.

hei i really need a favor from u guys. can anyne tell me the name of the artist and the song from episode 9 season 2 "we`ll meet again". it`s played at the middle of the episode. pls help!!!
3 June 2008

Webmaster comments  
Hi Dee,
All the info I have about the Blood Ties music is listed on the music page of
I hope that helps.


love blood ties
im sooooo mad that it was cancelled cuz now i have nothing to watcha :(

please please bring it back
i would do anything
26 May 2008 - Hamilton Ontario

Webmaster comments  
It's easy to bring back Blood Ties - justs hand Kaleidoscope a GINORMOUS check.


Grace Lindsey
Dear webmaster,
tell Kyle i burned a cool song for him and he's gonna like it

25 May 2008 - Kansas

Webmaster comments   Naaah - don't wannna spoil the surprise ;-)


Blood Ties Fan
Hi i am a really big fan of blood ties, and hoping they are bringing it back for season 2 they could take it so far.
Could i please have a signed autograph of Kyle please, he is my favourite actor, love him.
He plays Henry so well.
Could you please say hi to Kyle for me.
25 May 2008 - UK

Webmaster comments  
I have to admit that the possibility of more episodes is getting slimmer and slimmer - sorry.

KyleSchmidCentral is a fan site and I don't send out signed photos of Kyle Schmid - you need to contact his manager for that. The address is listed on the contact page.

Hi Anne,
Yes Rhia wore lots of hat's as well bless her,I'm glad you liked the picture I wanted to share with you all becasue when I saw Cali for the first time I just thought Rhia with the likeness.Went to my drama class, we was doing OLIVER so alot of singing and dancing was going on ha ha.
Take care.
Carrie X
24 May 2008 - england

Webmaster comments   Hi Carrie,

I guess neither Cali and Rhia have to worry about "hat hair" ;-)



Just found this site a few days ago, while attempting to find out if Lifetime will renew "Blood Ties" or not. Since they axed my other fave show, "Side Order of Life," I don't have much faith in them to bring back BT, but I hope my faith is restored. :)

It's really great Kyle has an active role in this site. He seems to be a down to earth guy, nice, and notably appreciative of his fans (love that Xmas photo of him in the hat holding the sign; how cute is that?).

Any chance Kyle will be in the Philadelphia area in the near future? Please don't tell me he already was and I missed it. *lol* (Excuse my ignorance if this info was posted in the forums.I haven't made it to the forums yet. First stop: guestbook!)

Thanks, and keep up the great work. Hopefully we'll see Henry back on the small screen soon! My friends and I love the show. And Kyle ain't too bad, either! :D

22 May 2008 - Philadelphia

Webmaster comments   Hi Jeanie,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Lifetime won't be bringing back Blood Ties - the official news is out.
However - while it doesn't really look great, there's still a glimmer of hope since the series is being shopped around to other networks. It could happen ...

Sorry - no Philly - Boston and Pittsburgh are the nearest conventions.
Washington DC could be a possibility next year - you have to keep an eye on his convention page.


I met kyle at the Orlando Florida Megacon convention, It was wonderful and he was more perfect than I imagined. After talking with him, I realized he is a superb actor because his true personality is nothing like HENRY FITZROY of BLODD TIES. I knew he was a good actor but he really pulled that part out. He was the most charming actor I have met, he is not at all arogant. If I was crushing on him before I sure as heck am now. I had my picture taken with him and took several pictures of him myself. He was very polite and talkative, he was fun. I hope great things for him. I hope to meet him again someday.
22 May 2008 - Florida

Webmaster comments  
Hi Tigergirl,

I'm happy that Kyle is nothing like his "History of Violence" character either :-)


carrie X
Hey Kyle,
I have tried sending some pictures of my mum's old dog Rhia as she looks the double of Cali, I really hope that they have gone through as they are so much alike Rhia was our baby as well we got her from a rescue place near us unfortunately we no longer have her and miss her loads, hope you get to see them you will be amazed how they look alike.
Take care .
Carrie X
22 May 2008 - england

Webmaster comments   Hi Carrie,

I'm not sure what you mean by sending pictures - but I see the picture of Rhia on your forum profile - and you're right - she looked a lot like Cali.
Did she ever wear hats?


Lindsay R
Do you know the excate date or month blood ties will be in the United States!! I want to get the DVD. i have already download ever episode on my compter. but my comuter is acting up of all the can u tell me!! And when and where Kyle gonna be in BOSTON!!(so excited). I want to try to be thr!!

And can u tell kyle I LUV HIM and that he is awwsome in Blood Ties!! And speakin of blood ties. when is it coming back. is it ever??.does it take that long to decide?And don't be doin an April fools joke or something on is. cuz that would hurt. Oh does kyle ever go on the form. cuz i write thr but he never writes back!!

20 May 2008 - Someville, Boston

Webmaster comments  
Hi Lindsay,

You sure have quite a few questions ;-)

Sorry - I don't know the US DVD release date - I wish I did. You can sign up on Amazon (dot) com to be notified when it comes out.

Jumpcon Boston is July 18 - 20.
Why don't you tell him yourself in Boston?

Is Blood Ties coming back? Nobody knows.
And yes, it really can take that long to find all the money to finance a TV series.

No, Kyle never writes on the forum.

Thank you ;-)

Hello!I'm fan of Kyle schmid,I love vampire and I love the film the Covenant. Kyle it's Beautiful!your smile it's fantastic!
I can have your autograph?
Sorry my English
20 May 2008 - Italy

Webmaster comments  
Hello Maria,

See the contact page about how to write to Kyle Schmid and ask for an autograph.
Good luck - and please be patient - these things take several months.


carrie X
Hi kyle,ive been looking at your pics and I saw cali your baby I can't believe how much she looks like my mum's old dog she is the exact double the colour the breed and everything we called her rhia we got her from a rescue place near us she was only a tiny pup when my mum brought her,my mum will be sending me some pics of her tommorow so I will try and show you what rhia looked like if I can put them on for you to see she was our baby as well but unfortunately no longer with us.
Hope you get this message as I would love for you to see the pics of her and cali is absolutely gorgeous give her a big kiss from me.
carrie X
20 May 2008 - ENGLAND

Webmaster comments  
Hi Carrie,

It's not possible to post pictures in the guest book, but if you join the forum, you can post pictures there.

Anne aka webmoster

is blood ties season 2 coming out soon? and will henry and vicki still be in blood ties if not we are not going to watch it we absolutely adore kyle he is one hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hunky fellar
20 May 2008 - england burton upon trent

Webmaster comments  
Sorry, but as of now we don't know if there will ever be more than 22 Blood Ties episodes. That's what the whole "Save Blood Ties" campaign is about.

Hi kyle, how hard was it for you to get into acting as i love acting but unfortunatley never had the chance as it's really expensive to do in england ,your a down to earth guy and hope you can answer my message,
Take care,
Carrie x
19 May 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
Hi Carrie,

I'll post it on the forum as that's where Kyle responds to questions - when he has time.


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