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I just finished watching "Bugged", I loved it! It was so good. Kyle you did a wonderful job tonight. Vickie really kicked some butt also, she is in great shape. I just wanted to say hello to everyone, i hope ya are having a wonderful night.

Kyle, I hope you have a great weekend. night night

2 November 2007 - Ga

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Haven't seen it myself yet - soon ;-)

heya again
just finnished watching yet another episode of blood ties.(the one where Norman comes back) it was fab
Kyle looks Gorgeous in it.still. i also wanted to say how nice it is that you actually reply to these coments =)

i'm sooo sad that there isn't a Blood Ties Mag. =( i might suggest it to a brittish mag company.I need Posters and behind the scenes gossip!!!!!

comment's getting bye-bye
from monica
2 November 2007 - Manchester

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I thought I had to! There's a box that says 'Webmaster comments" ... ;-)

Norman's return - completely fab!

The official site, bloodtiestv (period) com sells a poster and has some really nice behind the scens photos - I'm particularly fond of the one where they apply make up to Kyle's chest ;-)
No gossip I'm afraid.

Well, you did hear that Kyle broke Henry's bed by cannonballing onto it?
And broke the stunt chains that tied him to the cross ...

Any gossip to be had will be on Tanya Huff's blog on Lifetime.

I'm watching Blood Ties in England - its getting quite a following over here. Its nice to see a Vampire show with a difference. And I can't wait for the DVD's to come out in Jan 08 - I won't have to keep taping the episodes.
2 November 2007 - England UK

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Oooooh - a following - I like that!
Check the newspage and have the UK followers post to CityTV and Space - you're honorary Canadians anyway ;-)

If you go to bloody-disgusting website you can find information about Joyride 2, called Joyride: End of the Road. I can't wait to see who Kyle will play. It looks like this might go straight to video though, sad! Would love to see Kyle in a main role of a film. If you find out anything else, please keep us posted. I also think this is filming in Vancouver so he can still fit in more Blood ties. :()
1 November 2007 - USA

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I'll keep you posted to the best of my ability ;-)
And Kyle's.

*~ Brittany ~*
OMG. Kyle is the hottest vampire since buffy the vampire slayer was on . but he is right up there with them
31 October 2007 - hamilton, ontario

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A hot vampire is good to know come winter ;-)

I guess since Kyle is doing the movie he won't be doing BloodTies. Guess the show isn't being renewed.
30 October 2007 - Illinois

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Actors always do movies when their TV series is taking a break - otherwise they would be very bored. And possibly poor ;-)
Don't give up yet!

Sam the Wise.
I live for Mondays. Why Mondays? Well, I don't have the channel so I have to wait for the new Blood Ties episodes to get loaded onto Lifetime. It's my latest addiction and the weekends are painful; however, it's totally and completely worth it. 5:55 is my new favorite, even though I love them all.but that one was totally wicked man. Hur, hur.
Anyway, webmaster kudos to you for this amazing, shrine? >:3
Pat yourself on the back. I'd send you cupcakes, but I don't think they would survive the journey and they probably wouldn't be very tasty either :O
Maybe an e-hug would suffice?
Have a good one, Keep it safe.
<3 Sammie
30 October 2007 - Califor-n-i-a

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And you never play "I Don't Like Mondays" any more ;-)
E-hugs are good - thanks.

Hey again. Glad to share the info! The show airs every weekday at 1:30PM and again at 6:30PM. But on Fridays, the show only gives at 1:30. The channel brand is ďBBC KidsĒ. Iím not exactly sure what channel it would be for other service providers, but itís channel 558 for Bell ExpressVu owners. If your friend does not already have the channel, but would like to order it, they should visit greattv[dot]ca for more details. Iíll be sure to send over the info as soon as possible :)

P.S. sorry about the funny typing of the web address (canít post urls in the guestbook). And Iíve been dying to see the latest episode of Blood Ties!
29 October 2007 - Toronto

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You wouldn't believe the amount of spam there'd be if urls were permitted in the guestbook!
Thanks for the TV info.

I loved 5:55.When Vicky dreamed of Henry biting her neck I hoped something like that would happen.It was so sad I almost started crying.Henry is SEXY!
29 October 2007 - Bainbridge,Georgia

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It was a dream? DANG!

I LOVED 5:55!!! It was so cool, I felt so bad for Henry though when Vickie asked him to "end" the world for her. His face was so sad. KYLE, You did a wonderful job!!! (YOU ALWAYS DO)
I hope everyone is having a blessed day.

29 October 2007 - ga

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It's been raining all day, and I haven't needed to go out - that's kind of a blessing, right?
And yes - 5:55 was really, really great :-)

Does any one know kyle's girlfriend name?
28 October 2007

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I'm pretty sure Kyle does ;-)

Kyle, Hi,

I watched 5:55 last night and it was amazing!!!!!! I wanted to tell you my favorite part was when you told Vicky that you were a sexual advance. I have watched it three times today as well, hope you are doing ok, also Next Saturday is my 49th birthday, and one wish for me would be if I could not meet you in person, that there would be a gift of a season three for me from lifetime. That would make for one hell of a gift!!! Thanks for all you've done, and keep throwing those sexy lines out there!!!
also my sons are taking me to dinner, I got a pearl necklace from one, and a beautiful red dress from the other one.

Love Mary
27 October 2007 - Cedar Rapids IA

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Happy Birthday Next Saturday.
I really hope you will get the gift to share with all the Blood Ties fans.

Hello Kyle, I wanted to tell you how much i'm enjoying Blood Ties. It is a really great show. YOU are a wonderful actor! God has blessed you with a special talent. You bring such joy into our lives each week.

25 October 2007 - From GA

Webmaster comments   For at least 22 weeks this year ;-)

I know this isn't a chat site but I was wondering because of a comment made on Kyle's Korner. has Kyle actually commented somewhere about the pumpkin stencil? I mean I guess I would be beside myself as well to see that on Lifetime's website.but it's pretty cool!
Be PROUD Kyle, you deserve it after all you put into Henry.
25 October 2007 - USA

Webmaster comments  
No, he hasn't ;-)

hey again!
Just finnished watching Blood Ties, it was the best episode yet.Kyle looked so Mysterious and cute!
Thanks for answering all my comments.
Anyway thanks for helping me find all the kyle fakes on bebo. They all had pics of Kyle claiming it was them, so i reported them.

Kyle, You, This site, Blood Ties and Cali Rock!
25 October 2007 - Manchester

Webmaster comments  
Well done - and thank you :-)

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