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Hi webmaster,

I just wondered, you know all of these celebrities that get all the attention? Well do you know if kyle likes all the attention he gets or does he try to stay away from it?

Love Eleanor x

P.S. Sorry if im adding all these messages on, he just so good!!
10 August 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
Eleanor - I wish you would join the forum and post there - this is a guest book and the forum is for conversations.

In the last episode of blood ties (sadly) i just loved it when mike handcuffed Coreen fennel to henry's bed. but what was even more hilarious was when he said to henry "I'm curious as to why there are three more sets laying about in his apartment" Oh man I just couldnt stop laughing it was hilarious!!!

From Eleanor x

P.S. Have you yourself ever met kyle in person?
8 August 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
Yes - twice.
See the MegaCon gallery for some of the pictures.

believe me when i first got a hold of twilight the person i could only think about for edward was kyle schmid
6 August 2008 - usa

Webmaster comments  
You're not alone.
I was completely ready for Kyle to play a vampire again, and never mind any typecasting worries!

Hi webmaster,

Can you post a question on the forum for me please? Can you ask kyle what is his star sign?

Thanks xxx
6 August 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
No need to ask Kyle about that.
His birthday is on August 24, making him a virgo.

I just wanted to say you are awesome in blood ties. I never knew that you played a role in a history of violence or the cheetah girls lol or the sisterhood of the traveling pants.

Keep up the great work.
4 August 2008 - Alberta Canada

Webmaster comments  
That's what the filmology is for on the website - so you can see all the work Kyle's done and hunt it down and enjoy it ;-)

sasha smith
hi webmaster i was just wandering do u have kyles bebo address mate if so let me know and i will get back 2 ya oh by the way does kyle like staff dogs because i am selling one 4 £80

love sashaxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4 August 2008 - england deal kent uk

Webmaster comments  
Sorry - as far as I know, Kyle is not on any of the social networks.
Do you mean Staffordshire dogs?
I'm pretty sure nobody has asked him whether he likes them - generally I would think 23 year old guys aren't into staff dogs.

hey, Kyle. Just wanted to say that you are an amazing actor. I loved you in Blood Ties. I've not seen all your work yet but i'm getting there. I live in England so I have to wait months before I get to see what you've done.
I'm watching Beautiful People now, it's a shame your not in it nearly enough. xoxo
4 August 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
I wish I still had Beautiful People to watch, but I already saw it ....


i found the two episodes "Heart of fire" and "Heart of ice" extremely difficult to watch because i just love blood ties. watching henry being tortured like that also hurt me (emotionally)

And it was all thanks to Mike Celluci who tried to kill him with that broche, i mean what had henry ever done to hurt mike?!

Some female blood ties fans have said on the forum that mike is also cute.

Boy are they wrong, ok so he might be a bit cute but henry will beat him everytime.

From Eleanor xx
2 August 2008 - England

stephanie janelle
hi this message is for kyle kyle you rock hun in blood ties you are one of my second biggest fans and i just want to commend you on your talent you are a very hansome dude. well done .
2 August 2008 - fort mill sc

Webmaster comments  
Indeed - Kyle is not to bad-looking ;-)

Do you think that Kyle might write to me if i sent him a letter or a present only i really want to get in contact with him and seeing as i am a big fan of his then do you think that if i ask him really nicely weather he will come to my house for dinner so then we can get really to know each other

PS i think that Kyle Schmid also Henry Fitzroy is HOT!!!
2 August 2008 - UK

Webmaster comments  
Hi Kitty,

Kyle might send you an autograph if you send him a fan letter and include return postage (see the contact page for the address), but he is not going to become your pen pal.
As for coming to your house for dinner - I'm afraid that's not going to happen either. If Kyle were to visit all the fans who invite him, he would not have time to make movies ;-)


Hey webmaster,

I do so hope he has a big role in a film and comes over to England were I live its been my dream to meet him, i hope and pray to god one day that will happen!! i dont think anyone realizes how much i love him.

From eleanor xxx
1 August 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
Hi Eleanor,

You never know where his career might lead him, but in the meantime I hope you find someone in your own area to love instead of someone far away in another country.


sasha smith
hi kyle could i have a signed aughtograph please
1 August 2008 - kent

Webmaster comments  
Kyle would need your address to send one ....
And he gets quite a few requests, so he likes people to send money to pay for the postage or he would go poor spending lots of money on stamps.

Please go to the contact page to find the address to write to.

Hahaha. Ja. Det er jeg rigtig glad for :)
Wow. Det en en fantastisk side du har fået skabt dig. Jeg er netop blevet færdig med det sidste afsnit af sæson 2 af Blood Ties - og måtte fælde en tårer.
Jeg er blevet helt besat af den serie og af Kyle ikke mindst, så hvor er det rart, at du har lavet en rigtig, rigtig god side.
Jeg håber at lære endnu mere om ham :) fordi han er en utrolig dygtig skuespiller trods sin unge alder.

Men tak igen.
30 July 2008

Webmaster comments  
You're welcome - and glad you like the site. Since he doesn't have an official site, I hope to keep fans informed via this site.

Hey. Do you speak danish ? we´re living in the same town afterall - copenhagen ?
29 July 2008

Webmaster comments  
Of course I do - det har jeg gjort siden jeg lærte at tale ;-)

YAY! Someone else in Denmark knows about Kyle Schmid - aside from my friends and relatives ;-)


Do you think Kyle will ever come over to England and be interviewd?

Love Eleanor x

27 July 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
You never know - if he has a lead role in a big movie, he might come for the premiere and be interviewed.

P.S. I have to agree

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