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Hi, Anne :-)

I've been so caught up with posting on the forum, that I almost forgot to drop a line in your guestbook!

I know you prob. hear this alot, but it's never too much!

Thank you for such a great "centralized" site, and for keeping us fans all in touch with one of our fave people (Kyle) and characters (Henry). and of course with each other (fans). LOL!!

Though I wish I had known about KSCsooner than Oct. 2008, as the saying goes, better late than never.

Wishing you loads of fun in Bonn!!

Sue (suzq22)
9 March 2009 - Montreal, QC, CND

Webmaster comments  
Well, it's not like KSC isn't almost at the top of the result page when you google Kyle Schmid .... ;-)

You're welcome.

And thanks - I plan to.


Rosa Eulalia

I adore his role in Blood Ties. Love it.
8 March 2009 - Dominican Republic

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I completely agree ;-)

pity about blood ties being cancelled. and just to say how yummy Kyle looks as a vampire but hes a hotty anyway.xx
7 March 2009 - united kingdom

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Indeed! I hope someone at Lifetime - several someones - are kicking themselves from not having their own vampire show to benefit from the current vampire craze.

Tanys Dopson
I am so very sorry that Blood Ties was cancelled I wish it would have gone for a longer run Kyle made an awesome Vampire and I enjoyed the show very much. I thought the whole cast was just great and Kyle was as I said awesome. I have seen him on CSI Miami and Law and Order. I am proud that he is Canadian and again I am so sorry that no one had the ability to keep Blood Tiesd on the air as I thought it was a good show and he made the greatest Vampire.
2 March 2009 - Winnipeg, MB Canada

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Law and Order?
What? When? KYLE - FESS UP!
Update: I don't know who you saw in L & O, but it wasn't Kyle.

But yeah - such a shame that they never managed to find the funding for a new season.
BIG mistake!

Dear Anne, this is a superb website, informative, witty and beautifully set out. I found the blood ties series in england on living tv and it is mortifying to find that the series will be cancelled!!! (growl)
Also Anne Rice's vampire chronicles have yet to be finished in movie form and I think Kyle could make an awesome Lestat ^_^

Lots of love xoxoxoxox
26 February 2009 - Hampshire, England

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When you're right, you right!
Thanks ;-)
We've gotten used to the idea of the sries being cancelled by now ... sniff ...
He could - or Laurell K. Hamilton's Jean-Claude!
Not that I want Kyle to be typecast or anything, but - yeah!
But really - I'd rather have more Henry than him playing other vampires.



I was just wondering is bloodties really cancell? if it is, it is so not fair. They just left us hanging in the last episode.(urgg)

Also. Have you read the Twilight Sega(and the twilight movie) Great isn't. But i was wondering did Kyle ever tryed out for the part of Edward Cullens?? Cuz i think that since he played a vampire before, he would of been a great vampire in the movie. And everyone would notice himm.

And tell Kyle he is awwsome and gorgous. And i a bigg fan.
And i love the new pic of him on the home page. very gorgous love the eyes.
24 February 2009 - BOSTON

Webmaster comments  
Hi Lindsay,

All signs point to Blood Ties being cancelled I'm afraid.

Iv'e read the first book and seen the movie - and I've wondered that myself.
He would have been great as Edward - but I admit I'm happy that in my mind he will only be Henry. I think Edward is great - I just think Henry is WAY cooler. He has his own apartment and a cool job - he's definitely graduated high school ;-)

Hello everyone, especially Anne!
Thank you for this beautiful website! I searched for a long time till I found this, but now I don't want to miss it.
I really enjoy to read about Kyle and his activities (like LoveCuresCancer ) and I appreciate the high quality of his work.
Thank you for this never subsiding wave of information! I liked the letters of Kyle best. Thanks for that, too!
Keep on with your great duty!
22 February 2009 - Prignitz, Germany

Webmaster comments  
You're welcome - and I'll do my best.


Hi there!

So, das klappt auch in englisch! Schade das es diese Seite nicht in Deutsch gibt, mein englisch ist nämlich wirklich . miserabel.
Trotzdem möchte ich euch sagen, daß ich die Seite echt toll finde. (Bilder sprechen ja Gott sei Dank alle die gleiche Sprache!)
Klasse finde ich die Fotos von ihm privat und seinem Hund.
Macht weiter so!
Liebe Grüße aus dem
Black Forrest
19 February 2009 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
Nah - eine sprache genügt für mich - und es gibt online übersetzungen wie Babelfish. Und wenn du mal an links page guckt, gibt es zwei fan sites die auch in Deutsch ist.
So kein mehr Deutsch von mir ;-)

Leider scheint es also ob Kyle nicht ein menge privat photos habe ...


Hi, Anne

Only I want to say to you that the photo that you have put is beautiful, So other one that existed i don´t like me.

Thank you for this page, and only to say to you that in Spain they all are repeating the episodes from the first one, it is fantastic though I have all engravings.

Kiss, from Madrid (Spain)
19 February 2009 - MADRID (ESPAÑA)

Webmaster comments  
Obviously people in Spain have very good taste since they are repeating Blood Ties ;-)

Just me
Hey Anne,

First I want to say that I like the work you have done with this website very much. For I made my own website several years ago I know that it isn't that easy to create such a site because things often don't work as you want them to do. But there is one thing I'd like to ask you: Haven't you ever thought about changing the colors? I guess they are very nice and I like this pink and lavendel style. But generally the colors always reminds me of a website for an actress not an actor?! (Just my point of view)

Further I love the series Blood Ties (for sure) and I think Kyle fits very well into the role of Henry. Unfortunately they changed the starting time to one a.m. As I have to get up at 5 a.m. already I'm not able to watch the series anymore. Sad but true.

Wish everyone a good time an hope you will excuse my poor english.
17 February 2009 - Another German

Webmaster comments  
Hi Petra,

Thanks :-)
I do sometimes think the colors are a bit girly - but then every page also has the masculine dark blue title.
Maybe I will sit down one day and play with the colors ;-)

You can't record the episodes?
You have to watch this site then, because soon I will run a competition where you can win a copy of the first half of the series on German DVD.


kyle i'm 12 years old i'm a singer and i'd love to meet you but i know i can't but i'd love to ask you some questions in person cause i've seen how you can really be and i think your cool so think about it !! please
15 February 2009 - burlington, north carolina

Webmaster comments  
Hi Lisa,

Kyle is mostly either in California, British Columbia or Ontario, so you probably won't run into him in Burlington - sorry.

But if you have any questions, you can join the forum and ask them there. I send the questions to him and he answers a question now and then.

Good luck with your singing.

Anne, webmoster

Danielle Fisher
Thanks Kyle for showing that there are good looking actors out there that aren't just about craving showbiz. Cali looks gorgous and super sweet! So are there any new projects that your working on cos it sucks that their not definately making a 3rd season of Bloodties- what else will provide some entertainment on that level? Anyway are you ever going to come to England?

13 February 2009 - United Kingdom

Webmaster comments  
Hi Danielle,
Kyle loves to travel and he has already visited both Great Britain and Ireland, and since an ambition of his is to perform on stage in London, you just never know ...

Meanwhile, please feel free to contact UK conventions and ask them to invite him as a guest.



hat kyle schmid seine wurzeln in deutschland???

Respekt für sein Engagement bei der LCC!
es ist großartig und recht selten das ein junger mensch seine bekanntheit und zeit für so eine große aufgabe verwendet!!

Weiter so und Viel Erfolg!!


eure M.
8 February 2009 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
The name could point in that direction, but whether Kyle's roots are German, Austrian or Swiss, I have no idea.
In an interview he mentioned a British grandfather.

I hope for great things from LCC.


Hi from good Old Germany!

i like this site!

and it`s very funny to read the messages!

so many people from other countrys thats great!

Sorry aber mein Englisch ist leider etwas eingerostet
7 February 2009 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
Thank you - and yes, isn't it?
Tut's doch nicht - es ist sicher viel besser als mein Deutsch.

Hello to all of Kyle- and Christina- and Blood-ties-fans.

As I can see, here are a lot of German fans too.
Euch allen einen wunderschönen Abend - oder doch schon eher "Morgen".
A few time ago (I didn't count the weeks) I saw a small part of "Blood ties", and I was bound immediately. I mean, I'm not a really fan of vampire stories or something like that. But the hole storyline and the kind of chemistry between the main characters's showed in an amazing way. The entire crew and the actors did a really great job. Let me thanks them all. Therefore, I keep curious, even if "rtl2" has changed the broadcast time suddenly. So what! No time for a long good sleep before starting a full hard working week.
For all the German fans who can't wait all the night for starting the next episode on tv I've got some good news (maybe you know it):
The first 11 episodes of Season 1 will be released on DVD (engl./germ. language), and it's available with for less than 20,- Euro.
So, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will.

To the webmaster, Anne:
Nice site. Great work at all. Keep going.

Best regards - Andy
6 February 2009 - Germany (near Berlin)

Webmaster comments  
I already know about the DVDs - I have my sources ;-)
And check back - something may happen in that area soon ...

Thanks - I plan to.


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