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wendy bissell
i will be glsde when bloodties comes oout on dvd thils summer bcause i enjoy watching kyle in it very much and hoping it wont cost very much at all then.
16 February 2008 - burl. iowa

Webmaster comments  
My guess is it will cost between $40 and $55. Fortunately you have several months to save up for it, so I hope you manage.
I'm sure it will be worth it :-)

Antoinette M.Rose
Hi Kyle, I am in my 40's a writer and severly depressive. I don't say that to make you sad I say it because when I am sad the show takes me away from my sadness. I wanted to know if you would like for me to write a poem for you and or the cast. I don't know if you like poetry and people say I am good. I could send you one and you can tell me how you and the cast enjoyed it. Thanks for listening and all of you keep doing a good job and I look forward to seeing you in BT and other projects.
16 February 2008 - Baltimore, Maryland

Webmaster comments  
It's great that Blood Ties can take you away from your sadness - I really hope there are other things that can do it too.

If you want to send Kyle a poem, you can find an adddress on the contact page.

hi everyone
just wanted to sign in the guest book and to also say i think i know kyles two youngest fans no joke me niece and daughter ages 19 and 8 think he hung the moon right up there next to hannah montanna on disney they and me also are dying for bloodties to get back on the air hopefully sometime soon bye all

15 February 2008 - alabama

Webmaster comments  
The 8-year old - could be.
The 19-year old - no ;-)

Yes - we want Blood Ties back!

wendy bissell
i just wanted to let kyle know that i work at arbys fast food and hoping he will come to burlington iowa for vacation sometime to visit or passing through town. but if not thats you smoke,drink.chew,drugs,swear ? do you go to church when you can? i was just asking? do you have girlfriend at all? of not let me know please. i love you sweetiepie. love always wendy
15 February 2008 - burl. iowa

Webmaster comments  
Yes, Kyle is dating someone and he's being private about it.
More power to him!

sasha smith
hi web master i just watched blood ties through the internet and it only lets me watch a little bit can u tel me why?

p.s please tell kyle its my birthday sunday the 4th november i'll be 17

love from sasha xxxxxxxxx
15 February 2008 - england

Webmaster comments  
I think you need to ask a computer expert for help about online viewing.
Sasha - I think Kyle has enough to do to keep track of family and friend's birthdays.
Keeping track of fan's birthdays would be too long a list I'm afraid.

wendy bissell
hi kyle i wanted to let you know that cali is so cute and i never got a picture of you when asking fo one in the mail. do you know how long it takes at all? im waiting for it in the mail still. there are times that i wish i could kiss you on the lips and give you a big hug too: i also wish i had your cphone number too: well better go . love u baby
14 February 2008 - burl. iowa

Webmaster comments  
Wendy - you're not very shy, are you? :-D
A letter could take 3-4 months, possibly more.

Amy goheen
Dear Mr Schmid,
I Hope You Have A Happy Valentines Day And I Also Hope You Get More Moveis Soon Now That The Writers Strike Has Ended.

P.S. Rock On Man Rock On
14 February 2008 - Canada

Webmaster comments  
More movie - AND Blood Ties!

i want to wish him a happy valentines day and hope he gets the message too; i love you kyle and im 32 yrs. old, but short for my age though:
13 February 2008 - Iowa

Webmaster comments  
I guess it's too late to hope for more growth - vertical anyway ;-)
Yes, Kyle will get the message.

paul leathum
hi webmaster sorry about my girlfriend always trying to e-mail kyle sasha smith really adores him but i've told her not to e-mail him again

from mr paul leathum
13 February 2008 - england

Webmaster comments  
This Valentine's Day - not April 1st ....

i want kyle back on bloodties again because he is so hot without his shirt and love the sound of his voice too: i miss watching him act on the series of henry. do you know when it will come back on at all?
12 February 2008 - Iowa

Webmaster comments  
Sorry - no word yet.

I miss Blood Ties. It was the only thing that I watched on t.v. I'm usually a book worm. My friend showed me an episode and I was hooked forever. It was such a great show.
Kyle really did a wonderful job with Henry. He really brought the character alive for me. Some actors just seem like they are faking a roll. Kyle seemed to be Henry when he was filming. It was so much fun to watch all of the talent in that show. It will always be one of my favorite shows. I would love to thank them all for that.
10 February 2008 - Beaverton, Oregon, USA

Webmaster comments  
Did you read the books yet? You being a book worm and all? Great TV tie-in covers too ;-)

hey anne!
just wanted to say hello. Haven't written in a while. The site is still awesome! ^_^ Will you be sharing pictures of your Megacon adventures when you return? (hope so! :oD )
9 February 2008 - California US

Webmaster comments  
I'm pretty sure I will ;-)

HI Kyle! My name is Alina. I from Russia. You very good actor and the beautiful guy in Russia too very much love you! I wish you success, health and successes in career! With love Alina. Russia.
7 February 2008 - Russia.

Webmaster comments  
And the same to you, Alina.

Just got the Blood ties dvds and almost finished watching them, such a great show. Kyle Schmid is an amazing actor :-).

Love Paula :-)
6 February 2008 - Glasgow, Scotland

Webmaster comments  
Oh - he sure is!

sasha smith
hi mate how is my kyle doing 2day please could u tell him 2 give me a call when hes free because i am sooooo lonely p.s could u ask him when blood ties comes back on because my mum is driving me mad with cesar mallan the dog whisperer please help me kyle my best lover

love u kyle 4 ever do u love me

love from sasha smith
5 February 2008 - england kent

Webmaster comments  
You're so silly!
If you're lonely, you better call one of your friends ;-)
No news about more episodes yet - sorry.

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