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Hey Kyle,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all your family. Be safe this holiday season. Hopefully more Blood Ties episodes will be aired in the new year!!

Thanks for creating this awesome site. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.
21 December 2007 - United States, Indiana

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Thank you Alice - it's my pleasure.

To Kyle and all that read this: Merry Christmas from the beaches of Wilmington, North Carolina!

I love Blood Ties and hope that the new year will bring a new season of it.

Dogs Rule!

Let 2008 bring everyone a bit of luck.
21 December 2007 - Wilmington, North Carolina

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Yes, our Christmas wish is simple - a new season of Blood Ties.

Hey Kyle and Everyone, Just thought I would wish Ya a very merry christmas.
21 December 2007 - ga

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Indeed - Merry and Jolly to everyone!


If you're lurking, I wish you and yours the merriest of Christmas. Of course for the New Year I'd love to see you in more Blood Ties. We really miss seeing you and Blood Ties.
21 December 2007 - Cocoa, Florida

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You never know ;-)
Mick is okay for a vampire - but we prefer Henry!

i love blood ties and i hope there will be a season 3
18 December 2007 - IN

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Thanks :-)
Indeed - 22 new episodes would be a brilliant Christmas present.

have you seen the season finale of blood ties yet?
i don't want to give any thing a way to people who haven't seen it yet but
To Kyle, Christina, Dylan, and the writers

they really, really needed to make a another season
18 December 2007 - GA

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They really, really want to ;-)

I heard that dvd will be available in UK from 21 January. It definitely can't be 2010!
17 December 2007 - Moscow

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The UK region 2 DVD will be available in January 2008 and the US region 1 DVD should be available summer 2008.

Just thought I'd let you know a little more bout the podcast. I listened to it last night, and BOO on them! I seriously thought they were going to have NEW information, at least that's how they made it seem, or is it how i interpreted it?? hhmmm. ANYWAY, they said LT said all episodes of BT are available on itunes(liar, liar pants on fire because i looked last night and nada.) The can't comment on a dvd release because of legal restrictions, they don't own rights for dvd distribution so yea. They still say nothing has been determined with a third season.(. grrr. ) But, it looks like the whole dvd thing won't happen till 2010.2010! And there will be a marathon airing ALL Blood Ties episodes Feb 9 & 10 at 5pm pst (I think).
Ok. Just thought i'd let you know! ^_^
16 December 2007 - California US

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2010 sounds like an exaggeration - I'm not sure I'm buying it. But I believe that LT won't be involved in the DVDs.
HA! Maybe the marathon is a ploy to get people to sign up for their Real Women channel ...

Yesterday saw 5:55! Ii was amazing!!!!! Can't wait till i can buy BT on dvd))
But I'm little dissapointed, cos they try to put so many information in 40 minutes, all episodes seem very. i don't know how to explain it properly. short? it's like the beggining, many events and wow, there is the end already :( i wish they made episodes last 1 hour, or even more. they could give us so many delicious moments with Vicky and Henry then)))) unfortunately, this won't happen(((((((((
Anyway, can't wait for todays episode!! hope it will be as good as 5:55 ;)
16 December 2007 - Moscow

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I don't think you will ever be disappointed in a Blood Ties episode.
Except if you want to see Henry hook up with Coreen ;-)

Kyle if you get this please convince that we have a second season in blood ties i love it you are so HOT!!!!
15 December 2007 - Sherwood Park,Alberta,Canada

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I wish Kyle had Henry's persuasive voice and went and visited the Lifetime offices ...

Ms. Stina
Ok so i hear that Kyle doesn't email fans. Ok so what does that mean? :( goodness. So I hear that he lives in Ontiro. Wow i live in Michigan. So thats just a hop, skip, and jump away from my hometown. Well i guess they do et really busy, i well give him some slack. But still i didn't hear about the whole lifetime till about well last night. Not fair.

Well in the words of Henry "I don't have mojo, I have charm"!
15 December 2007 - Michigan

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If Kyle were to start emailing with his fans, I don't think he would have time to make more movies or TV episodes ;-)
Eh - no, Kyle lives in LA now.

Brittany like in France
Dear Kyle,

Ok so I having been watching "Blood Ties" from the begining. I got all of my friends hooked on it. (I loved you first, ever since "The Cheeta Girls). WE watch every week to see what happnes between you and Vicky, it is like we are part of the show. We have to call each other during commerical breaks and we are like "did you just see that". I can not belive that Lifetime did not pick the show back up. It is a crime. I know this is childest but if you have the time you email me back. My friends would die and it would make me so happy. To lose such a good show is horrible. While hope to see you back on air soon. Thanks!!!!

One of your biggest fans,
p.s. we love that sexy grin that you do, we swoon!!!
14 December 2007 - Michigan

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Except for seeing the episodes in the same room, your way sound great ;-)
I can't believe Lifetime either - it really doesn't seem sound business.
But then, I'm not a business person.
While I'm sure Kyle would love to make all his fans happy, I'm afraid he doesn't email fans, sorry.

John Reiss
I posted a comment on Kyle's Korner because it would be nice to hear from him. My wife and I spent some time with him and a friend 4+ years back and it would be nice to hear from him. I mentioned a photo I have of him involving a big bull (he'll know what I'm talking about). In any case, we think he's doing a great job and hope to hear back. that he's doing well and has some nice gigs in the future. Thanks!
13 December 2007 - Boston, MA

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I prefer he continue with his current gig for a while longer.
Several years actually;-)

Mr. Schmid,

I majored in English an taught it in a Florida Public School system for many years; I now work as a high school Guidance Counselor who maintains her love of the ".written word." I've always been passionate about the classics, (especially the sci-fi classics) such as, Mary Shelley's (Frankenstein), Bram Stoker's (Dracula), and Huxley's ;(A Brave New World) and the incomparable Ann Rice's (Interview with a Vampire). Furthermore, the Vampire mystique has always fascinated me for some reason.
Anyway, "Blood Ties", the creation of Tanya Huff (who I believe) to be a genuinely inspirational artist and I enjoy her creation tremendously! I rarely encounter film/television productions of literary art with a great deal of esteem. I'm no profound critic of literature (and or the theatrical intelligencia) but I do believe in art (for art's sake) and comprising any work of art (literary, theatrical, musical, dance, etc.) is a profound loss to us all (even, those of us who don't get it!). I do not intend to sound like a intellectual snob but I do believe in praising extraordinary up and coming artists (of all genres). Frankly, (though, I readily admit to not being an expert) see a level of artistic professionalism, depth, dedication and promise in your work that is rare (and desperately needed in today's up and coming actors).
Please continue to polish your craft. Have fun, grow, learn, and never become content with the status quo. You have so much to offer and an obligation (if you will) to become a master at what you do.I look forward to watching you evolve.
P.S. Please forgive any and all grammatical errors from this educator. I remember reading that you like Guiness (and a good time); well, I like Vodka (Orange Juice and moments peace from my hundreds of beloved students). Frankly, I've had a few and I make no apologies for it. Keep it real.
13 December 2007 - Tampa, Florida

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Well put ;-)

Anyone heard about the sci-fi slices podcast that will be telling fans what's happened to the fate of Blood Ties? It was on the Lifetime message board today. Looks like they have (yet again) sent someone else to let the fans know instead of themselves.
13 December 2007 - California US

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No - I hadn't heard about it.
Looks like Lifetime is the "pull off the band-aid in many small jerks" kind of company ... and not even doing it themselves, but letting others do it.

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