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I luv ur new release Joy Ride 2:Dead Ahead.I bought it the day it came out on dvd(Oct. 7).It was a gr8 movie.It was definitely better than the original Joy Ride.I can't believe ur character Nik dies in the torture scene @ the end of the movie.Thank God ur still alive in real life.U didn't deserve 2 die in the movie though.What wuz it lyk playing a hooker.

Lots of luv 4 ur new release Joy Ride 2:Dead Ahead and Calli,
Ur #1 fan Jessica
9 October 2008 - Georgia

Webmaster comments  
Nik was the most annoying character in the movie - you just KNEW he wasn't going to survive.

To Tamara, yes Blood Ties ist started in RTL 2.
Oh I Think you meen "Der Babynator" with Vin Diesel at "Pro 7". Thanks - CU
3 October 2008 - Germany

To Petra: I think it is on RTL 2.anyway, I wanted to let you to that you can see in Germany/Austria on Sunday (5th October) at 8.15 pm the Pacifier where Kyle had a little guest role. :)
2 October 2008 - Austria

Kyle's a really good actor! and seems to be a really cool guy. Please don't change :) Keep cool Kyle.
2 October 2008 - Trinidad

I just wanted to say that Kyle was excellent in Blood Ties. It is a shame that the show was cancelled. I look forward to it coming out on DVD. Keep up the good work Kyle. I'll look for you in upcoming roles.
30 September 2008 - Washington

my name is Petra and i am from Germany. At October 26. 2008 Blood Ties started in RTL. I have the DVD-Box at Home and this Series ist the best i`ve seen. I hope that Blood Ties continues to Season 3, 4 etc.
You play Henry Fitzroy very good. Give you on this Site information, about Blood Ties Future?

30 September 2008 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
I'm glad the German fans finally have an opportunity to watch Blood Ties on TV.
They filmed episode 22 in March 2007 so sadly, it's very unlikely the series will come back after such a long time.


Hey Kyle, ich weiß auch nicht wie ich gerade auf diese seite gekommen bin und du verstehst garantiert kein wort von dem was ich schreibe aber ich tuhe es trotzdem, Ich find dich toll,.hmm.naja wie soll ich es sagen.das was ich von dir bis jetzt gesehen habe (Serien,Filme) find ich klasse. du hast eine wahrnsinnige ausstrahlung. Ich würde dich zugern mal kennen lernen, aber das ist es ja, schauspieler lernt man niemals kennen,. man kann sie sich nur vorstellen, davon mal abgesehen ließt du dies höchst warscheinlich auch nicht sondern irgendwer der das für dich übernimmt aber, naja ich wollte einfach nur mal hallo sagen!! Liebe Grüße Jeanette
29 September 2008 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
Hey Jeanette,
Kyle spricht nur Englisch, aber Ich verstehe was Deutsch.
Du hast recht - schauspilern lernt man niemals zu kennen - auch bei ein convention trete er auf. Aber ein sehr angenehme auftreten ;-)


Rosa Eulalia
I love his work in Blood Ties.
28 September 2008 - Dominican Republic

Webmaster comments  
It is indeed wonderful - and Kyle was lucky to get such a great role.

Tania Carvalho
I Webmaster!

What about kyle' s role in Smallville?

Thanks for your attencion!
23 September 2008 - Salvador - Bahia - Brazil

Webmaster comments  
Don't worry - it has been filmed and it's coming.

Kyle, Christina, Dylan, and Gina.

I wanted to thank each one of you for helping to bring so many of us fans together I have recently found out what true friends they all became, I lost my 25 year old son on August 23rd, to respiratory failure; he liked blood ties too and we always watched it together. the others I have become great friends and sisters with were all there for me during this time. They were patient, Kind, understanding, and yes, even giving, I wanted to let you know that what you all have done still continues to make up for so much lost! every day!! so again thank you for yourselves, your kindness, love , and most of all For Blood Ties!!
21 September 2008 - Marion, IA

sasha smith
hi webmaster

kyle was on blood ties lastnight and he was stabbed was he ok?
19 September 2008 - england

Webmaster comments  
Henry was stabbed - Kyle was completely unharmed ;-)

I got rsvp to the screening on Joy Ride 2. I'm happy as hell! I'm sure everyone in that theatre will hear my love for kyle haha
18 September 2008 - NY

hi kyle me and ma girls want to say u are faf and to wish you a happy belated birthday hope it woz a gud yan if you cant remember it, it defentily woz one then hope to c more of u real soon
17 September 2008 - cumbria united kingdom

Hi webmaster,

just wanted to ask, was there really a season 2 of blood ties? all 22 episodes have from season 1 have been repeated on satelite TV but then it ended so i just wondered.

What a darn shame, i prayed that it would stay too.

From Eleanor x

P.S. i read some of the other messages that other girls sent in wishing him happy 23rd birthday others are saying 24. Which is it, how old is he really?
17 September 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
Only 22 episodes of Blood ties were filmed. Lifetime who aired it in the US took a break over summer and decided to call the episodes aired after the break for season 2. Most other places aired all 22 episodes without a break and call the 22 episodes for season 1.

Kyle turned 24 this year.

sasha smith
hi webmaster

last night blood ties was on it was so awsome kyle is so fit

love sashaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
16 September 2008 - folkestone england

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