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Lisa J
Good work on the site Ann,you did an amazing job.Kyle your work is very appreciated everywhere and we thank you for your hard work. Rooting for you here back home. Hope to see you in more movies and on tv.
31 October 2008 - Caledon,Ontario ,Canada

Webmaster comments  
Thanks - and I couldn't agree more.

Yeah, Kyle is hot but maybe it's just as well he's nothing like Henry, because it would be nice to see him in the day as well. But don't get me wrong, he gave a new meaning to the word "HOT" as a vampire!!!
30 October 2008 - Bulgaria

Webmaster comments  
I really prefer Kyle in the daylight - darkness can hide so much ;-)


hi,i m from italy sorry but dont'speak too much good enghlish,you are my favourite actor i look blood ties,you are very wonderfull
29 October 2008 - italia

Webmaster comments  
Don't worry - I'm sure Kyle will understand ;-)


Hi, I'm from germany so sorry if I make some mistakes :)
I've seen all 22 episodes from the first blood ties season and I'm addicted to it :)))) Kyle is an amazing actor, i love his work.
I want to know if there will be another season of blood ties because it can't end like this. in the episode "deep dark" there is no happy ending and it can't stop like this :(((((
help me please :)
xxx Laura
29 October 2008 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
It really doesn't look good - Christina Cox has said Blood Ties is finished.
When they had filmed 22 episodes, they were very optimistic about coming back, and they planned to cheer us up again in season 2, but sadly things changed and now we're stuck with an unhappy finale :-(


I'll surely be watchin smallville next week and I can't even say when i'll be able to see joyride2!
Anyway i wanted to say i love that pic of him when u first open the site, when i saw it the first time i was weak with laughter!
Still laughed when i opened it a while ago.
Whose idea was it?
22 October 2008 - Trinidad

Webmaster comments  
Whose idea?
Everything on this site is my idea ;-)
I don't remember who brought up Dylan's stripper dance at MegaCon - but she has my thanks.

I'm also rather pleased that I have a nice image that is unique to this site - one that is under my own copyright.

hi vebmaster,

how did you get joyride 2 if its only in usa?. Ooh tell me, tell me, really want to know! lol!

from eleanor
22 October 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
amazon dot com ships all over the world.
Just make sure your DVD player can play US DVD - or that your computer can.

just found a way to watch joyride 2, believe it or not it just so happens to be not only on dvd which you know already i cant get, but it is also on a website called "youtube" youtube is a video site with all different videos, film, music etc.

Anyway just watched joyride 2 on youtube and kyle was killed!! That really really upset me i was in tears but somehow i plucked up the courage to carry on and watch it all.

just so long as he wasnt harmed in real life, i would hate for that to happen.

luv eleanor xxx
21 October 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
Are you sure you can't get the DVD?
I got it and I don't live in North America either.

Since it's copyright infringement to upload movies on youtube, I don't advertise the site.
Clips and trailers yes, whole movies - no. Gotta support Kyle.

Don't worry - Kyle is well, Nik - not so much ...

hi webmaster,

at last joined the forum, but it tells me to do a profile of myself should i have done that before joining? Also something on the forum say something about smallville. Now i know that film but it says kyles in it 30th october do you know if its true or not and if so, what channel, is it on sky? It says CW, but what does that mean?


From Eleanor x
20 October 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
Hi Eleanor,

You can't do the profile unless you're a member of the forum, so doing it after joining is the only way to do it.

Smallville is a TV series about Superman's early years and it airs in the US on the TV station called CW.
I'm not in the UK, so I don't know when or where it airs there - that would be a good question to ask on the forum.


What age is Joyride 2 coz i would luv 2 watch it if i am old enugh
20 October 2008 - UK

Webmaster comments  
I think the rating is the same as for the first Joy Ride - R.
In the US that means if you are under 17 you can only see it with an adult along.

OMG, Kyle u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
hansome looking in joyride. i have youtube and i will watch it while i eat and cheer for u. WOOT! WOOT! Mother Trucker!
19 October 2008 - leawood kansas

Webmaster comments  
I hope you liked Joyride 2 - and remember to buy the DVD too - or actors could end up losing their jobs ...

i thought he played the part brilliantly, it such a shame they cancelled the show, anyway i am sure we will see his yummy face sometime soon in something else lol.
14 October 2008 - london, uk

Webmaster comments  
We just saw his face in Joy Ride 2 - the movie was released on DVD in the US recently.
His role was very, VERY different from Henry.

My heart bleeds for the chance to meet him, he is an amazing actor and seems to be someone i'd have a great time with. i love his work in blood ties and i will cry if i can't see more of him! I have never had a crush this big on a star.maybe it's cause he's canadian like me. I would give anything to meet him.
If i ever could costart with him I'd a good way.
13 October 2008 - St. Albert Alberta

Webmaster comments  
No need to cry Amanda - I don't think Kyle has any plans to stop acting in the near future ;-)
If you train to become an actor yourself, you never know who you might get to work with ...

just saw covenent, excellent film!! Cuter than ever, WOW!!
2 other guys had jet black eyes (contact lenses) i think.
and i thought, "where have i seen eyes like that before?" lol.

love from eleanor xxx
12 October 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
To be fair, The Covenant was filmed before Blood Ties ....

where can i find joyride 2, on tv or dvd? is it even shown in england?

from eleanor x
11 October 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
It's Kyle's latest movie and it has just been released on DVD in North America, so you need to be able to play American DVDs.

It's a horror movie ...


10 October 2008 - England

Webmaster comments  
After you've seen Joy Ride 2, you will not believe it any more ...

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