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From Paradise here in the 50th State of Hawaii.

Mele Kalikimaka (merry Christmas) and Hauoli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year) to Kyle, Cali and the rest of the Schmid ohana (family)!!! And the very same to all of you here at KyleSchmidCentral!!!

Also a very BIG ALOHA (love) and MAHALO NUI LOA (thank you very much) to Kyle for his wonderful portrayal of Henry Fitzroy. my favorite vamp!

I hope that the new year brings ALL of US more BLOOD TIES!!!

But until then, I'll stay sane by watching BT over and over again as well as my friend, SexyNikki12's BT fan vids of YouTube and Veoh! Hope you all check her vids out. they show off Henry's and Kyle's very best!!!

much aloha to you all!
24 December 2007 - Honolulu Hawaii

Webmaster comments  
Glaedelig Jul (Merry Christmas) and Godt Nytaar (Happy New Year) to you too.
Is Nikki paying you? ;-)

Man, you rocked that role, Henry is so real for most of us (no we are not crazy.yet )and a great escape in this crazy world we live in :)
Merry Christmas and A Wonderful New Year full of Blood Ties and great movie roles for you! I would love it if you got to direct an episode of Blood Ties!
I must confess, I have a little obsession, i have watched each episode at least 3 times, rewound my fav parts,recorded it my DVR and it does eat up space.but who cares its BT! Also bought all episodes on itunes and still waiting for Deep Dark and when the DVD's come out i will be getting those as well.obsession .i think not! From a crazy 31yr old mum of a 2yr old!
Merry christmas Cali
thanks Anne for a great site:)
24 December 2007 - A Kenyan in Texas

Webmaster comments  
Enjoy your obsession - it's neither immoral, illegal or fattening!
And you're in good company ;-)

You're welcome.

Wishing you and yours and happy, safe holiday and since you're so kind to thank us for our support, you should check out SexyNikki12 videos at You Tube. Her love for this show and you result in some amazing work. She has no peer in her Blood Ties videos.
24 December 2007 - US

Webmaster comments  
Peerless videos for a peerless guy! ;-)

Just want to say a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to Kyle, his family, his friends and Cali. Who is almost as adorable as her daddy in that little hat. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. And I hope that Santa brings you all you desire. For me, it would be another season of Blood Ties and you under my tree LOL. MERRY CHRISTMAS and MUCH LOVE.
24 December 2007 - Bronx, NY

Webmaster comments  
What do you mean "almost"?
She wears that hat with style!

Yay on more Blood Ties.

Wishing you and your family a very blessed *holiday* season, with a very happy and healthy and fantastic Year ahead in 2008. :-)

Thank you for many enjoyable performances in "Blood Ties" and that reinforcement to the sparkle of hope for more wonderful stories the BT world is anxiously waiting for . . .

PS =) . . . if there's any snow where you'll be (at any time of the year), if Cali loves the snow as much as I think she might, may Cali have many wonderful *snow* dog moments, too! Our snow-nosed shelty (looked almost like a miniature "Lassie" - from the Tv series) just *loved* this type of weather, even when the snow was higher than the his tiny bundle of fur size. *grin*
Many joy-filled and happy *blessings* always, julie
24 December 2007 - the snowy parts of NJ, USA

Webmaster comments  
Since Cali is not an "accessory", I think she'll love it. She has taken to wearing a hat though ....

See latest picture of her in the gallery.

Happy Holidays!
This is an amazing site. ever since I found it many weeks ago I've been visiting a lot. I think I may have developed a slight obsession for Kyle--just slightly =)

When I read that he is going to be in Toronto for Christmas I was excited.Toronto is a big city, but there's always a chance I could see him.I'm going to carry my camera whenever I leave home for the next few days.

Anyway, thanks for all your hard work into this site Anne!
24 December 2007 - Canada

Webmaster comments  
"Slight" ? HA!
Good luck on you photo quest.

You're very welcome.
It's quite a chore for me, but ...
Naaaah - it's great fun!

I just saw the first episode of Blood Ties (missed it, was at library). It was amazing, I believe Kyle is an amazing actor. I wish him a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
24 December 2007 - Canada, Ontario

Webmaster comments  
But you already saw the other episodes, right?
If not, I envy you - that you have it all in store for you!

I think its great that you have this site up and running. Its very important to fans to feel like they have a place they can go to see what is coming up for the actors they enjoy watching. It's also great that Kyle actually responds to fan questions, it makes them feel like they can connect with him. I just wanted to say kudos on the website and Merry Christmas to all who read this comment.
23 December 2007 - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Webmaster comments  
Thanks - I think so too.
And Kyle responding here is the best part. :-)
Have a great holiday yourself.

Happy Holidays to Kyle, Cali, and our Webmaster! This website is great! I'm a big Kyle fan. Blood Ties is AWESOME!!!! A History of Violence was good. And I can't wait for Joy Ride 2.
23 December 2007 - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Webmaster comments  
Happy holidays to you too - and thanks :-)
Joyride 2 looks like it will show us a very different side of Kyle - exciting stuff!

pbbrandy also Rebecca
Thank you for this website and for relaying all of the messages
from us fans. Its incredialbe that he answered some of them what a great christmas present! Keep up the good work with this site!
23 December 2007 - Happy Holidays From Port Charlotte FL!

Webmaster comments  
It's my pleasure - really!
Indeed - Kyle is a very sweet guy ;-)
I'll try ...

Thanks to Kyle and to Anne for relaying the message giving us hope that the show has not been cancelled. It was the shot in the arm that so many of us have been needing.

Here's to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.
21 December 2007 - Birmingham, AL (The Heart of Dixie) USA

Webmaster comments  
Never say die!
And you too.

Just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas Webmaster! And thanks again for having this oh so awesome site! ^_~ I was exctied to see some new questions and answers were posted today. whoot! lol. His answer to the end of BT question gave me hope! ^_^

Until Next Time

Me :o)
21 December 2007 - California

Webmaster comments  
Thank you.
And I was excited to post them ;-)

Crystal Coffey

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful
New Year. I love to see you on Blood Ties, it is without a
doubt my favorite show ever. You are such a great actor . And
I just have to say , You Rock !!!!!! Please tell me Blood Ties
isn't being cancelled, I just don't think I could stand it, you've
spoiled me.
21 December 2007 - USA

Webmaster comments  
Crystal - you might want to check the recent updates on Kyle's Korner ...

Love Blood Ties and am hoping the new year will bring us new episodes. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. I look forward to the show every week, and can watch with my son and not be grossed out or embarrassed.
21 December 2007 - Locust Grove Virginia USA

Webmaster comments  
Blood Ties - the family show ;-)

April aka MrsTattooedButterfly
I'd just like to take this time to wish Kyle, Cali (has my own tiny poodle that thinks that she's the boss around here so I couldn't not include Cali) his Family & Friends a very Happy Holiday Season! I also wanted to show my support for Blood Ties, has been hooked since the very first episode. Would love nothing better than to hear that there will bemore seasons.And is also looking forward to the dvd release, normally I have no patience at all but for "Henry, the one with the wicked grin and to die for dimples" I'll wait. Just wanted to also let Kyle know that as far as Blood Ties goes, he has a very large and loyal fanbase, and we are not going to let anything happen to "Our" show without one heck of a fight! I've also seen and own most of the other movies that Kyle's been in, side note please don't ever bleach your hair just doesn't suit you, just my opinion, and the ones I don't have I'm hunting down. Is also curious to know if Kyle's aware of just how far his Blood Ties fans have gone to fill the void since the last episode. Knows that many, myself included, have written some Blood Ties FanFic stories that would probably shock Kyle himself. Would love to know what he thought about that. Again I'm just one fan among many, and wanted to let you know that. If you actually read this, I thank you, and I look forward to seeing what you're career has in store for you, because your acting skills are phenomenal! And is praying for many more seasons of Blood Ties, as the show's potential hasn't even been touched yet. Again I Thank You for all the wonderful works you've done and look forward to what the future holds for you. The fact that Kyle does read these and answers the questions just shows what a wonderful person he is to take the time from what I can only imagine what must be a very hectic life to respond to his fans! And we love him all the more for it!
p.s. Oh and any advice that could be given about how to actually get a fan letter to Kyle would be very much appreciated. Again Many Thanks!
21 December 2007 - Clintwood, VA

Webmaster comments  
Better bleached than bald!
For fanmail, you can use either of the addresses listed on the contact page.

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