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hi kyle! my name is jess i just want to ask u one thing do u have girlfriend and if u like heavy metal.
18 April 2009 - honduras

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That's two things ;-)
Kyle is more a fan of trip hop.


Oana C.
you will go far, never forghet from where you have started
18 April 2009 - Romania (Europa)

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In Canada? ;-)


I have seen many of kyles roles that he has played, and i just wanted to say that i really respect him as an actor. And it is nice to see someone from my home town of Mississauga do so well. I hope he continues to work on producing if that is what he would like to someday do, i truly believe that he would excel at it. remember: take all that you've become, to be all that you can be, soar above the clouds and let your dreams set you free.
7 April 2009 - mississauga, ontario

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I think starting his own charity will probably be great practice for producing.

I know his fans love seeing him in front of the camera, but Kyle has to follow his own dreams and ambitions.

I hope he will continue to act - AND produce.


natasha niggli
Does Kyle really see what we all type here? I am a die hard fan from Malaysia who just discovered Blood Ties as Malaysian TV are so slow in everything.
I think he is one of the cutest actors i have ever seen!!! He is sooooo hot!
Vampire or not in real life he is still sooooooooo HOT!!!!
Wish i was the one acting wit him!!WOW!! hat wud have been quite a fantasy!!:)))
7 April 2009 - MALAYSIA

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I don't know if he reads it regularly - but he posted here once, so you never know.

Some countries never got Blood Ties on TV - so it's great that there are DVDs now - and the US version later this year.


My name's Diana and I'm a fan of Kyle from Romania.Congratulations for this site.It's nice. I want to congratulate Kyle for his performance in Blood Ties series.He is a great actor and I wish him all the best.
Best wishes
7 April 2009 - Romania

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Thank you - I'm glad you like it.
I enjoy hearing from Kyle's and Blood Ties fans from all over the world.


Hallo Kyle
ich würde mich freuen wenn Du mal nach Berlin kommst. Ich würde dich Herzlich einladen. Ich könnte Dir die Stadt zeigen und nette Restaurants. Ich finde Dich als Schauspieler toll und hoffe das es bald noch mehr von Dir zu sehen gibt.

Bis dann

Manuela :)
6 April 2009 - Deutschland

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Hallo Manuela,

Es wäre doch leichter wenn du nach Bonn fährt - Ich meine FrightCon ;-)


Hi Anne,

I have been gone for a while for two reasons; 1 dealing with my son Bruce's death last August and finishing my associates program at school. I have all the eps of BT on DVR and am estatic about the DVD's. I am trying to find out if all of his latest movies are opening in theater's or going straght to DVD,any info?well have a great day, and tell Kyle we are all so very proud of him!
3 April 2009 - Marion IA

Webmaster comments  
Mary - I'm very sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately I have no idea what goes directly to DVD and what might get a theatrical release.

Oh my Goodness, Blood Ties is amazing, I hate to admit that I am a little late in the game with watcing it but thats what happens when in the military.

As far as Kyle goes, He is one amazing guy with a great ability to act. He is also one very well and Handsome person who I must say fit the role of Henry (Vampire) quite well too bad they didn't use him in Twilight, I think he would have fit the role better.

His eyes are hypnotizing and georgeous.
2 April 2009 - South Korea soon to be in Maryland

Webmaster comments  
Better late than never - it's nice to hear of new fans discovering Blood Ties - and you'll get no disagreement from me ;-)

stephanie (gothicvenus1974)
Like many others l adore watching blood ties and feel very cheated at the ending. It just does not feel right, its like reading a classic and the last chapter is missing.

I know the chances of getting another season are like me wishing to wake up with blue eyes smiling at me, if you know who l mean. I can wish my heart away but logically l lknow it's probably not gonna happen.
Still l am glad that this web site is here so that l may keep up with other disappointed bters.

and one excellent thing that came out of this web site was me realising you could buy the box set dvd, of which l am a proud owner. Ohh how hte heart aches to see that love that will never be.
Have to say Vicki andHenry smoulder on screen and l will forever believe that they would one day be together.
30 March 2009 - London (UK)

Webmaster comments  
One excellent thing of many I hope? ;-)


sasha smith
hi anne i watched kyle on the covenent he is quite and cute lol me and lloyd split up again but i have met a new guy called rick lol speak 2 u soon
19 March 2009 - kent

Webmaster comments  
I see you're slooooowly working through Kyle's other movies.
I have seen most already, so I have to wait for new projects ....
Good luck with Rick.


Hey Kyle I Love U. I loved watchin u in BloodTies, u made that show what it is and I only hope that they bring it back ASAP becuz I really really MISS U. The day that we meet, I want u to bite me like u've never bitten anyone before in ur life. And I hope and pray to GOD every night that u are single and that u will stay single til the day we meet. Which I hope will be very soon.
17 March 2009 - Suitland,MD

Webmaster comments  
Hi Kris,

I'm sorry to tell you, but the chances of Blood Ties coming back are microscopical by now.

It's nice to have fantasies, but just remember, Kyle is NOT a vampire himself ;-)

Anne aka webmoster

i just love yo abs and your eyes
17 March 2009 - North Carolina

Webmaster comments  
No comment ;-)


I hate when they make great shows like Blood Ties and then cancel them so what if the whole world doesnt love the show what about the ones that did. I watched the show when a friend recommended it to me and i have to say i loved it. Kyle was gorgeous as Henry but most importantly he was a great actor why the show was cancelled ill never know.
My dream would be to have a second season of the show and for Henry and Vicki to finally get together am i really asking for that much .
13 March 2009 - Scotland

Webmaster comments  
Shows are cancelled for all kinds of reasons - Lifetime said they cancelled it because of low viewer numbers and because viewers left Lifetime as soon as the show ende instead of staying and watching the next program.
So who knows the real reason - maybe it was a combination of several things.

Such a beautiful and reasonable dream ;-)


jessica abrante
hey kyle, i loved blood ties since it first aired and still love it now even though its not on the air anymore, i remember u when i was little on disney channel, u were so young and cute in those movies, u are a man now, i love u as an actor and i love ur personality and alot of the things u said on ur bio is what i like to do, that said thing is i am only 17, long way to go, i am still in school and working harder then ever, i love u kyle and always will from the bottom of my heart, keep in touch. Love always jessica
12 March 2009 - New London CT

Webmaster comments  
Hi Jessica,

Sorry, Kyle does not respond via this guestbook - it's just me, the webmoster.
Keep up the hard work - but remember to have fun too.


Sorry that Blood Ties was cancelled. Loved the show but I do have to say the book s are great. I can't picture anyone else as Henry. His character was why I read all the books. I do hope to see you in a big production. I am pretty good at spotting the "next big thing" and just as sure as I was of Johnny Depp, I'm sure you will be a household name eventually. I just hope you have a good agent. Good luck and I'll be watching for you.
12 March 2009 - Near Baltimore, Maryland

Webmaster comments  
Kyle is already a household name - just not in very many households yet ;-)
I hope you're right.


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